The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Returning to Gu Mansion

PA Wen was surprised at the sudden outburst.

He quickly took the bag from Xiao Yaojing's hand. He felt that Xiao Yaojing was obviously directing her anger at him.

After all, it was his CEO who had infuriated the other party. He could only accept that.

On the way back to Gu Mansion, PA Wen kept his principle that silence was the only way out of this. Even though the atmosphere in the car was awkwardly silent, he had decided to keep his breathing at a minimum frequency.

Ye Yuwei sat at the furthest corner away from Gu Juexi. If the car was not limited in size, she would have definitely increased the distance between the both of them.

Gu Juexi was browsing through the data on his laptop and he finally handed it over to Ye Yuwei. "The second batch of funds has already been remitted to Bo Shen Enterprise."

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment. She had wanted to ignore him initially.

However, the funding project for Bo Shen Enterprise was handled personally by Ouyang Xianxin and herself. Therefore, she had no choice but to take responsibility for it.

PA Wen instantly thought, 'CEO, you really must have no other conversational topics to talk about with the young mistress. You know that this was the only topic that she would not refuse, that was why you brought it up.'

Ye Yuwei had never touched Gu Juexi's laptop in her life. This was because he had never allowed her to touch it.

There was once when Ye Yuwei had brought a glass of water to Gu Juexi. She had accidentally looked at his laptop as he was reviewing a script. That script was about physical science. Gu Juexi had reprimanded her for accidentally looking at his laptop screen.

Ever since that incident, Ye Yuwei had never touched his laptop again. Even if she had seen it, she would subconsciously shift her gaze.

This time, Gu Juexi had taken the initiative to give her his laptop.

The second batch of fund for Bo Shen Enterprise was much larger than that of the first batch of funds. It was a total of two billion.

Ye Yuwei read and analyzed the data from top to bottom and replied, "Emergency investments are the investment mentality of many money launderers. You should be careful." Ye Yuwei returned the laptop to Gu Juexi after she was done speaking. She did not even touch a single button on his laptop from the start to the end.

Gu Juexi did not miss out on her careful actions and he raised his brows slightly. He did not immediately take back his laptop, but continued looking at Ye Yuwei.

For a moment, Ye Yuwei did not know what he meant and then she carefully placed the laptop on the space between the both of them. She then turned to look out the window again.

"Are you afraid of me?" Gu Juexi suddenly asked.

Ye Yuwei continued looking outside, supporting her chin with her arm. She thought about it for a moment and then said, "Maybe you have forgotten something."

Gu Juexi paused for a moment. What had he forgotten?

Ye Yuwei turned around, there was no change in her expression. "Three years ago in your study room, I stood by your side to offer you a glass of water. You quickly closed your laptop because I was standing by your side. Do you remember what you said to me at that time? You said, Ye Yuwei, don't you have any basic courtesy and respect for other people's privacy?" Ye Yuwei looked away from him and looked out the window at the sky again. "Therefore, Mr. Gu, you have taught me well. I guess you can say that I do have basic courtesy and respect for other people's privacy now."

Gu Juexi stared at Ye Yuwei's back and then looked down at the laptop between them.

He did not remember this matter.

PA Wen was naturally unaware of this matter and as an outside listening to their conversation, he felt that the CEO had acted like a scumbag.

The car turned into Gu Mansion and the first person to come out was Bai Yuyan 1 .

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