The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Please Send Miss Bai Home

"You cannot even be sure if that is really your child or not." The old lady looked back at her grandson and started laughing.

"Grandma, how can Brother Gu not be clear about this matter? I am also very clear on what type of person Ye Yuwei is. She will not do anything to let Brother Gu down," Bai Yuyan anxiously said, as if she was speaking up for Ye Yuwei.

"She would not do it for his money, but who knows if she did it because Juexi did not want to give her a child," The old lady said menacingly.

"Butler Kim, Butler Kim," Gu Juexi suddenly shouted.

Butler Kim rushed out from the back, completely unaware of what had happened at the front of the house.

"It is already late, please send Miss Bai home," Gu Juexi said coldly.

Bai Yuyan felt embarrassed as she did not know why she was being driven away.

Butler Kim paused for a moment and then subconsciously looked at the old mistress.

"Yuyan lives here. Where do you want her to go?" The old lady stood up and looked at her grandson.

There was no change in the expression on Gu Juexi's face. He looked at Bai Yuyan and said coldly, "I believe that Miss Bai does not want to impose on other people's home for a long time, right?"

Gu Juexi emphasized "other people".

Bai Yuyan supported the old lady who had just stood up and bit her lip slightly.

"It is really inconvenient for me to continue staying here now that Brother Gu and Yuwei are back. It is alright, Grandma. I will rent a room outside," Bai Yuyan quickly held onto the old lady who was about to get angry. She looked at Ye Yuwei and said, "Yuwei, I apologize that we have not had the time to gather together even though I have already arrived for so many days. When I have settled down, we can have a gathering."

Ye Yuwei did not respond to Bai Yuyan. She was not touched by Bai Yuyan's enthusiasm.

"Alright then, now that this woman is back home. Is there also no right for an old woman like me to be in this house?" The old lady struck the floor with her cane.

"Grandma, didn't you hear it clearly? Miss Bai had said it herself that it would be inconvenient for her to stay here. Why are you trying to make things difficult for her?" Gu Juexi said in a tone which would infuriate people to death. "Yuwei was just discharged from the hospital. It is not good for her to be standing for so long. We are going upstairs first. Butler Kim, please send Miss Bai home."

After Gu Juexi finished speaking, he quickly helped Ye Yuwei up the stairs. Bai Yuyan lowered her head and harbored an evil look on her face. However, in the next second, she quickly looked up at the old lady and said, "Grandma, what Brother Gu said is right. I am an outsider after all. If I continued to stay here, it will invite gossip. I know that you feel bad for me, but don't be angry anymore. It is not good for your health."

"You are still the best. I do not know how that woman brainwashed Juexi," The old lady said as she patted the back of Bai Yuyan's hand. "You must tell me when you have found a place to live in."

"Yes, don't worry Grandma. I will go and pack up my things," Bai Yuyan kept the smile on her face and turned to her room to pack her items.

Butler Kim suddenly whispered, "The young mistress is finally pregnant. This is…"

"Butler Kim, can you come over to help me?" Bai Yuyan suddenly shouted, interrupting what Butler Kim had to say to the old mistress.

"Go." The old lady waved her hand, asking Butler Kim to go and help her.

Butler Kim was exceptionally happy. The young mistress was finally pregnant. Auntie Mao would be very happy when she found out.