The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 204

Chapter 204: And, Also Fox

After Bai Yuyan left Gu Mansion, the old lady was infuriated.

Ye Yuwei had not left her bedroom. During this time, she had reported her safety to Xiao Yaojing, but she did not mention the act that Bai Yuyan had put up in front of her. She then contacted Ouyang Xianxin to ask her about the current situation.

Ouyang Xianxin had not gotten off work yet. She was still dealing with the project planning for the first batch of funds.

"Have you been discharged from the hospital? If you have been discharged, please rest well and get well first. I will arrange for people to handle things over here," Ouyang Xianxin said with concern.

"I am fine now. Have the second batch of funds been remitted already?" Ye Yuwei asked as she opened the laptop that was placed next to her bed.

"Yes, the current amount of funds that had been remitted has already reached three and a half billion. This amount is not something that Gu Bank can handle on its own. I think that Gu Enterprise's Finance Department should be allocated to this project as well," Ouyang Xianxin sighed and said. "I wonder if CEO Cheng has too much money on hand. Why does he need the money to be remitted so urgently?" Yuwei entered into the internal system of Gu Bank to look at the amount inside. She then frowned and said, "I have an idea, but it seems far-fetched."

"Are you afraid that there is a problem with the money? If there was a problem with the money and they enter the money so urgently, on the contrary, that would cause more problems. Is that what you are thinking?" Ouyang Xianxin asked her.

Ye Yuwei acknowledged her words, implying that she agreed and thought so too.

This was a very common suspicion in this kind of scenario.

"I have thought about it too. I will make sure to check in detail when the time comes," Ouyang Xianxin assured Ye Yuwei. "Moreover, CEO Cheng does not look like a bad person."

"Sister Xin, bad people will not write the words 'bad people' on their faces!" Ye Yuwei laughed and said. She could still remember the look on Cheng Jie's face at the press conference where she had taken Yu Sha'er down. She felt very uneasy.

Ouyang Xianxin did not refute Ye Yuwei's words but said, "It would also be good if you came in to work tomorrow. We have to go over to the CEO's office because the planning department for the diamond project requires our funding department's project evaluation form. There should be some details that we still have to prepare."

'Go over to Gu Enterprise?'

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment. That meant that she would have to see Gu Juexi in the morning tomorrow.

She was not looking forward to seeing Gu Juexi.

"What's wrong? Would you rather go to Gu Enterprise directly together with the CEO?" Ouyang Xianxin thought that she was worried about this issue.

"No, no. I will go to the bank first tomorrow morning," Ye Yuwei quickly replied.

"That is great. Besides that, I heard that CEO Cheng will also be there tomorrow, so we do have a key point for this trip," Ouyang Xianxin said.

"Okay, I understand. I will take a look at the project evaluation report first," Ye Yuwei said. She had already received a report that Ouyang Xianxin had sent to her from the system account.

After she hung up the phone with Ouyang Xianxin, she took a look at the pie chart in the report and also the flow of the project events stated below. However, all she could think of was the look on that man's man.

And, also fox.

Yuwei suddenly thought of this person. Previously, Cheng Jie had mentioned the word "fox" to Gu Juexi.

Ye Yuwei realized that there were so many things that she did not understand about Gu Juexi. Maybe, she did not love him as much as she thought she did.

"Young Mistress, it is time to have dinner," Butler Kim called outside the door.

However, Ye Yuwei did not want to eat.

She did not want to face Gu Juexi and she did not want to face the old mistress at all.