The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 206

Chapter 206: This Was the Only Fake Sentence His Mother Ever Told Her

The old mistress looked at Ye Yuwei with hatred in her eyes.

Ye Yuwei pretended that she could not see the look she was giving her. After all, she was used to it as Gu Juexi had often stared at her that way.

"Ye Yuwei, get out of our house now. Take a good look at yourself. What right do you have to be a part of our family?" The old lady growled with a menacing look on her face.

The whispers of the servants could be heard downstairs.

Ye Yuwei clenched her hand tightly. For the past three years, she had meticulously prepared the old mistress' birthday gifts herself.

However, in the end she was only regarded as garbage to the old mistress.

Ye Yuwei felt ridiculed. All these years of effort she had put in to please the old mistress and all she got was 'Take a good look at yourself. What right do you have to be a part of our family?'

Ye Yuwei hid her emotions and looked up at the old lady with a smile on her face. "Old Mistress, why don't you tell this to Gu Juexi. If he agrees to let me go, I will be sure to thank you."

"You are just a despicable orphan and you have the guts to think that you are so precious and that Juexi is really in love with you? It is all just because of that bastard in your stomach." The old mistress stared at Ye Yuwei's lower abdomen with a cold look on her face.

"Old Mistress, I think you had better tone it down a little when it comes to the child, so as not to regret it in future." After she had finished speaking, Ye Yuwei turned around and went directly into her bedroom.

"You, you…" The old mistress was so furious that she banged her walking cane hard on the floor. "Where is Juexi? Where is Juexi? Look at what kind of wife he has!"

Butler Kim was just checking that all the windows in the house were closed and quickly rushed upstairs when he heard the old mistress' voice.

"Old Mistress, the young master has just gone out. Are you looking for him?"

The old mistress stared at Ye Yuwei's room and turned around to return to her own bedroom.

Butler Kim let out a sigh, guessing what had just happened. He did not understand why the old mistress did not like the young mistress even though she took so much care to prepare her gifts every year.

Ye Yuwei returned to her bedroom and she felt exhaustion overwhelming her. She slowly walked over to her bed and reached for her phone.

[Yuwei, you must remember this. In this world, as long as you are good to others, they will naturally treat you good as well. They will be able to feel your sincerity toward them.] Ye Yuwei held the phone and she fought back her tears.

She thought to herself, this was the only fake sentence his mother had ever told her.

There were not many pictures on her phone. Most of it was basically related to Gu Juexi, most of them are pictures of the gifts that she had wrapped for them.

Each of the gifts had a message inside and it was accompanied with a picture.

[This is a gift for my grandmother. This is a gift for my mother. This is a gift for my father.]

There was never a reply for these messages.

Every time she was lonely, she had told herself that Gu Juexi was too busy and did not have the time to return her messages. She felt that as long as he did not object, he was satisfied with the gifts.

New Year's gifts. Birthday gifts. She never once forgot.

Every time her mother received the gifts, she would always send her a text message saying, [Thank you, my precious], and these messages have always given her encouragement to move forward. Now she felt like her sincerity was only met with humiliation in front of her grandmother.

Ye Yuwei was still thinking about it when the phone in her hand suddenly rang. She looked at the caller ID and quickly answered the call. "Yaojing."

"Ah, ah, ah. Yuwei, I am going to A City for a business trip. I will only be back in half a month. Ah, what do I do about my handsome man?"