The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

PA Wen promised her, but he did not tell Xiao Yaojing how he would help her. Xiao Yaojing will also not know that PA Wen promised her so quickly because as long as someone liked Lu Qichuan, then the young mistress is safe.

As long as the young mistress was safe, then his boss would not get angry over every little thing and as long as his boss is not angry, he will be safe himself.

Although this was an awkward approach to tackle this matter, he did not care anymore.

Gu Juexi did not come back home after he had left after dinner. Ye Yuwei was not bothered by this.

In order to avoid a confrontation with the old mistress, Ye Yuwei left the house early in the morning. However, before she left the house, she had specially instructed Butler Kim to prepare breakfast for the old mistress.

Butler Kim looked as Ye Yuwei left. He could not help but shake his head. It was only after so many difficulties that the young master finally had a better relationship with the young mistress. So, why were there problems with the old mistress now?

After Ye Yuwei entered the bank, she went into the locker room to change into her working clothes. When she came out of the locker room, she could hear the bank employees whispering.

"Did you read the news this morning?"

"I thought that Miss Ye finally secured the position of Mrs. Gu. I did not expect her to have been defeated by another woman quickly again."

"That is why this time, this woman is very promising. She is an international jewelry designer and our CEO is interested to develop the jewelry industry now. I would think that she is really suitable for him."

"This can't be right. What will happen to Gu Bank then? After all, when the CEO first started his business, Gu Bank was the first company that he had started."

Ye Yuwei held onto the locker room door and listened as the footsteps got further and further away.

'International jewelry designer?

'Is it Bai Yuyan?'

It seems like there was no one else besides her.

Ye Yuwei decided not to think about it as it was not beneficial to her anyway.

After she changed into her clothes, she returned to her office.

She had not intended to look at the message on her phone, but she then took a look at the message because she saw the headlines containing the words, 'Gu Juexi'.

The headlines were huge. The CEO of Gu Enterprise brought a new fling to Xinhua Hotel to stay the night.

The photo below was not very clear but she could tell who it was.

Gu Juexi and Bai Yuyan.

Ye Yuwei held the phone tightly in her hand and then loosened her grip and placed the phone on the table.

Out of sight, out of mind.

But what was she frustrated about?

"Yuwei, get ready. We have to leave soon," Ouyang Xianxin was ready and called out to Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment and was about to say something.

Ouyang Xianxin suddenly thought of something and quickly said, "Or I could go by myself." Obviously, she had also seen the news.

It would be rather awkward for Ye Yuwei to go over now.

"I will go with you, just let me pack up some things," Ye Yuwei said with a reassuring smile. She began to pack her items.

Ouyang Xianxin nodded her head. She felt a little distressed for Ye Yuwei, and she could not understand what was going on in the CEO's mind.

Previously, it felt like the CEO had started to change for the better, but why was he changing his attitude again?

At this time at Gu Enterprise, Gu Juexi was having a hangover and he had no clue about the news at all. He was sitting at his table and pressing his forehead. PA Wen was standing by his side and contemplating how he should break the news to the CEO.

"If you have something to say, just say it, Are you constipated or what?" Gu Juexi was frustrated over what had happened with Ye Yuwei and this hangover was not alleviating the frustration that he was feeling inside.