The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Something Wrong with Cheng Jie

Ye Yuwei was slightly startled. Cheng Jie's question was too straightforward. Even though Cheng Jie was right, Ye Yuwei never said that.

Staring at Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi leaned back on the chair and forced a smile. He was waiting for Ye Yuwei's answer.

"Mr. Cheng, don't get me wrong. It's not your problem. The fund is too large and we are running out of time. The time needed for the capital project is about two months. During this time, Mr. Cheng doesn't need to inject funds. We only need the details of the amount to be injected," Ye Yuwei answered politely.

"What Mrs. Gu. means is I just need to tell you the amount to be injected. I still keep the funds with me and continue earning interest for another two months? Mrs. Gu. don't you think it would be better for Gu Bank if I just inject the funds first? Do you truly understand how business works?" Cheng Jie burst into laughter.

Ye Yu Wei stared at Cheng Jie as she knitted her brow. At this time, she was sure that Cheng Jie did this on purpose. 'Was there a need to say this?'

Gu Juexi shot Cheng Jie a warning look but Cheng Jie paid no heed to him and continued staring at Ye Yuwei, waiting for her answer.

Knowing that Cheng Jie had deliberately made things difficult for Ye Yuwei, everyone looked attentively at Gu Juexi. Ye Yuwei was Mrs. Gu after all. Seeing his own wife being put in a tough position, Gu Juexi should at least say something.

Unfortunately, Gu Juexi only stared at Cheng Jie and did not utter a word.

The news this morning was true. Mrs. Gu was not important to Mr. Gu. Ouyang Xianxin took a glance at YeYuwei and Cheng Jie. The room sank into an awkward and uncomfortable silence.

Gu Juexi was waiting for Ye Yuwei to look at him. But she did not even spare a glance at him.

"Mr. Cheng may not aware that there is a limit in our funding system. So…" Ouyang Xianxin quickly responded. Before Ouyang Xianxin could finish her words, Ye Yuwei interrupted.

"Mr. Cheng may have misunderstood. I am a just manager in the bank, not a businessman." Her voice was indifferent.

Gu Juexi spun the pen around his fingers. A crisp sound could be heard as the pen hit the table.

Ye Yuwei was not the slightest distracted and stared at Cheng Jie without fear.

"If our CEO Mr. Gu agrees to take this fund in, I have no issues."

Hearing this, PA Wen's heart skipped a beat.

Cheng Jie smiled in an enigmatic way.

Gu Juexi got up once again and strode toward Ye Yuwei. He held Ye Yuwei's hand and glanced at Cheng Jie.

"Since Mrs. Gu is so kind to let Mr. Cheng earn interest for two more months, this fund is to be injected two months later." Gu Juexi emphasized the words 'Mrs. Gu' as he said. He then left the meeting room together with Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei staggered along the way, holding back on wincing from the burning pain on her hand due to Gu Juexi's tight grip.

'CEO, can you stop playing with fire?' PA Wen hit his head against the files, not daring to go after Gu Juexi. He was terrified.