The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Juexi, I Came to Return Your Cufflinks

Gu Juexi clamped down on Ye Yuwei with one hand, as if she was the oasis that he found in a desert.

He never knew that someone's lips could be sweet, and it made him didn't want to let go.


Ye Yuwei bit on Gu Juexi's tongue, but it only made him kiss her more aggressively.

What's so good about this woman? Why was everyone going after his wife?

The rage in Gu Juexi began to subside, and it looked like it was because of her kiss.

Ye Yuwei tried to get Gu Juexi off her but to no avail. When the taste of blood in her mouth began to make her sick, she pushed Gu Juexi who was unprepared off her successfully and rushed into his office's washroom.

Gu Juexi followed Ye Yuwei to the washroom and got furious as he looked at her throwing up. 'Does she hate my kiss that much?' Gu Juexi wondered.

It took a while before Ye Yuwei finally felt better. Looking at her pale face in the mirror, Ye Yuwei began to feel sorry for herself. "Are you happy now, Mr. Gu?" asked Ye Yuwei sarcastically.

Her lips were slightly swollen, and her beautiful eyes for some reason looked dull and gloomy.

Feeling hurt from how Ye Yuwei looked at him, Gu Juexi clenched his fists.

"Get out…" Gu Juexi looked away and said while leaning against the wall with his fists still clenched. He was holding in his anger, trying his best not to lose his cool and hurt Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei smiled. She tidied up herself and marched out of Gu Juexi's office while he watched her.

Ye Yuwei opened the door only to find Bai Yuyan standing outside smiling.

"You are here too, Yuwei?" Bai Yuyan looked surprised and happy to see Ye Yuwei there.

"I came to pass Gu Juexi his stuff. Do you want to join us for lunch?"

"I am busy," said Ye Yuwei.

Being turned down by Ye Yuwei, Bai Yuyan put on a sad face and pursed her lips. "Do you hate me, Yuwei?"

"We are not this close, Miss Bai. Never were and never will be," said Ye Yuwei while looking into Bai Yuyan's eyes.

"How could you say that, Yuwei? Do you still blame me for not going back for you after my mother got me back from the orphanage?" asked Bai Yuyan.

Ye Yuwei kept quiet as she could not be bothered to argue with her.

"Your Gu Juexi is in there. You may go in now," said Ye Yuwei as she walked past Bai Yuyan to leave the room.

Bai Yuyan hid her emotions and put a smile on her face after Ye Yuwei left and entered Gu Juexi's office.


"Who let you in?" asked Gu Juexi whose mood got worse upon seeing Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan paused for a while with her face still smiling, and said, "Juexi, I came to return your cufflinks."


The office door was left ajar. Everyone outside the office heard what Bai Yuyan said and looked at Ye Yuwei who was waiting for the elevator with Ouyang Xianxin.