The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 214

Chapter 214: He Is Not That Important to Me

Ye Yuwei's looked down. When the elevator was there, Ouyang Xianxin and Ye Yuwei entered the elevator after Cheng Jie.

In the elevator, Cheng Jie leaned against the wall and looked at Ye Yuwei who stood in front of him.

"Mrs. Gu, you are way kinder than I have imagined. Other women would already have acted up if they were you."

Being able to still smell Gu Juexi on her, Ye Yuwei tightened her grip on her briefcase after what Cheng Jie said with her eyes cast down and did not say a word.

Cheng Jie put his hand up and it looked like his hand was on Ye Yuwei's head when Gu Juexi passed by the elevator and saw. Bai Yuyan saw that too and smiled. She passed the cufflinks to Gu Juexi and said, "I won't disturb you if you are busy, here are your cufflinks. Also, too much alcohol could be bad for your health, I think it is better if…"

"Who do you think you are?" Gu Juexi interrupted. "I would appreciate it if you stop acting as if we are so close, because we are not," Gu Juexi said and went back to his office.

Bai Yuyan's face turned pale at what Gu Juexi said, while the staff around pretended to be busy with their work.

PA Wen who came from the meeting room saw Bai Yuyan and nodded at her to say hi before he went into Gu Juexi's office.

Just when PA Wen entered the office, something flew across the room and almost hit him. When he bent over to pick it up, Gu Juexi stopped him and ordered, "Don't pick it up. Throw it into the bin."

'How do I throw it into the bin without picking it up?' Not bold enough to say that out loud, PA Wen thought to himself speechlessly and then decided to just kick the thing aside.

"Mr. Gu, we will implement Phase 1 of the project tomorrow and prepare for Phase 2 right after that. We will inject the funds in 2 months," PA Wen reported.

Gu Juexi grunted and did not say anything else.

Meanwhile, Bai Yuyan who just got into the elevator smiled to herself. She did not love Gu Juexi, so she would not mind how he treated her. All she wanted was the title of Mrs. Gu. From how bad the relationship was between Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei now, she could get what she wanted just by driving Ye Yuwei away. She would make Gu Juexi beg for her to go back one day.

Ouyang Xianxin drove on their way back. She took a quick glance at Ye Yuwei and continued focusing on the road in front.

"Are you okay?" asked Ouyang Xianxin.

"Of course," said Ye Yuwei as she smiled at Ouyang Xianxin.

"You know you can quit this project if you can't take it. There shouldn't be much to do during this three-month hand over period," Ouyang Xianxin suggested as she could tell that Ye Yuwei was unhappy.

"It's really okay, he is not that important to me. Anyway, I will make sure Phase 2 is properly implemented before I go. Phase 2 involves the biggest tranche of the fund and I keep feeling something is fishy," said Ye Yuwei with a serious face.

Ouyang Xianxin chuckled but did not say anything.

Cheng Jie who left Gu Juexi's office did not keep himself idle. He lay down at the back of his car and played with his phone while listening to Mike talking to Master Cheng as he drove.

Their conversation surrounded Ye Yuwei, the pumping in of the investment funds, and the commencement of Phase 2 of the project.

"Ye Yuwei?" Master Cheng sounded surprised when he heard the name. "It's her?"