The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 215

Chapter 215: The Feeling of Not Being Trusted

Cheng Jie who was playing games on his phone at maximum volume heard their conversation and jokingly said, "Master Cheng knows Mrs. Gu? She really is something."

"No one touches her. I will get someone to prepare another set of accounts."

"Awww she is just a bank manager, what's the big deal?" Winning his game, Cheng Jie laughed and said horribly.

"She was born a math genius, don't belittle her. Why do you think Gu Bank has never been queried for money laundering? It's all because of her."

Cheng Jie put down his phone and began to wonder if the Ye Yuwei he knew really was this capable.

"Rumors say that Ye Yuwei has tendered her resignation. Looks like she will leave the bank soon, so don't worry about her," said Cheng Jie who sat up from the backseat, put his legs up on the console box and continued with his game. "The fun part is Gu Juexi seemed to have changed his mind now because of Ye Yuwei."

"I said nobody touches Ye Yuwei."

Being able to tell that Master Cheng was serious about what he said, Cheng Jie sneered. "She is just an orphan."

The man on the line did not reply to that and hung up the phone.

Cheng Jie was bothered by how Master Cheng talked about Ye Yuwei. He lost interest in his game and began to recall the kind of person Ye Yuwei was.

Ye Yuwei got Xiao Yaojing's call from A City the moment she reached the bank. Xiao Yaojing criticized how Gu Juexi was an asshole on the line, and Ye Yuwei remained silent throughout. "Have you settled down there?" asked Ye Yuwei when Xiao Yaojing finally stopped nagging.

"There is nothing much here. But this bank is way more generous than the one I worked at before. The one before always provides cheap accommodation, but this one provides accommodation at five-star hotels!" said Xiao Yaojing excitedly, and began to nag again when she remembered Gu Juexi, "Why are you not leaving that asshole yet? What are you waiting for?"

Ye Yuwei kept quiet. She wondered too why Gu Juexi kept procrastinating to get the divorced papers notarized.

The nagging kept on until Xiao Yaojing's boss called for her.

Ye Yuwei let out a sigh and picked up the documents on her desk. She did not trust Bo Shen Enterprise.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi who was hungover from the night before threw his phone on the floor when he saw the news.

"Who published this?" asked Gu Juexi furiously.

PA Wen mind went blank for a second. 'It is not the first time that love rumors about Gu Juexi were published, and he didn't seem to mind back then.'

It took a while for PA Wen to realize that it was probably because of Ye Yuwei why Gu Juexi was furious. 'Such improvement. I wonder if Mrs. Gu knows about this,' PA thought.

"I am on it," said PA Wen quickly before Gu Juexi flipped out again.

Looking at PA Wen leaving his office, Gu Juexi suddenly remembered what Ye Yuwei said and realized that she must have seen the news.

How could she not believe him!

The feeling of not being trusted sucks.

Gu Juexi got even more upset as he thought about it. He threw the documents he was holding off his hands and threw himself into the chair.