The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 218

Chapter 218: You Brought Me Out to Show Me to the Reporters?

Although she agreed to not care, she was unable to control her emotions.

Hence, the only way out was to leave, leave his side. Only then could she stop degrading herself and falling for him all over again.

Gu Juexi narrowed his eyes at Ye Yuwei and finally opened the car door and pushed her inside.

When Ye Yuwei realized what was going on, Gu Juexi already closed the door.

Gu Juexi went around the front to get into the car, started the engine and left, leaving behind the clueless bank employees.

Ye Yuwei was taken to the shopping mall against her will, with Gu Juexi holding her hand.

He had never held her hand for the past three years of their marriage.

'What is he up to now?'

Ye Yuwei tried to break free from him a few times but failed.

"What exactly do you want?" Ye Yuwei asked impatiently, looking at him choosing cufflinks.

Gu Juexi ignored her question and pointed at two pairs of cufflinks. "Which one?"

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

Other than an indifferent look, Gu Juexi did not get any reply. He nodded slightly. "I'll get these".

After shopping, Gu Juexi brought her for dinner.

Ye Yuwei was unable to break free from his grip and had to follow suit.

Ye Yuwei remained impassive the entire trip. She replied Gu Juexi's every question with a single word. Gu Juexi had given her the same response in the past.

Gu Juexi was in a good mood. He did not even lose his temper once.

"What do you want to eat?" Gu Juexi let go of Ye Yuwei's hand temporarily as he needed to go through the menu, but had sat beside her even though no one was sitting opposite them.

Ye Yuwei remained quiet.

"If you don't want to eat out, we can go home and eat with Grandma," Gu Juexi said coolly.

Ye Yuwei immediately picked up the menu.

The corners of Gu Juexi's lips curved slightly into a smile.

'This girl is more adorable when she has a temper.

'Didnt realize this in the past because she was too reserved.

'Yes, that's it.'

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei while she ordered her food and came up with reasons to justify his actions back then.

It was all because Ye Yuwei was too reserved.

Ye Yuwei passed the order sheet to the waiter after she was done ordering. The waiter took another look at them before leaving.

Gu Juexi leaned against the chair and looked at Ye Yuwei who was staring down at her phone. Just as he was about to start a conversation, he received a text message.

[Want to inform you regarding a matter that you might not want to know. Cheng Jie said: don't make him lay his hands on Ye Yuwei as she is not someone he wants to offend.]

Gu Juexi deleted the text message after he had finished reading.

Gu Juexi's actions caused Ye Yuwei to look up and she happened to see the troubled look in his eyes.

Ye Yuwei went blank for a while as she had no clue to what was going on.

The dishes were served and Gu Juexi set his phone aside and started eating.

Ye Yuwei was about to start eating when she felt they were being photographed. She turned around but was stopped by Gu Juexi. "Let's eat. What's there to look? Can't sit still, just like a kid?"

Ye Yuwei turned back and started eating after being reprimanded. "What's the matter? Mr. Gu is concerned about his image now? Did you bring me out to show me to the reporters?"