The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Ye Yuwei Has Lost Her Mind

The cellar was filled with a pungent smell of rot and decay.

In the cellar, Yu Sha'er was sitting on the ground, muttering to herself like a lunatic. Knowing that someone was walking into the cellar, she quickly raised her head, only to see Ye Yuwei.

In an instant, Yu Sha'er pounced on Ye Yuwei like crazy. Seeing this, Gu Juexi quickly held Ye Yuwei in his arms and took a step backward. The bar owner rushed forward to stop Yu Sha'er and kicked her to the ground

"Ye Yuwei! You will die a miserable death!" Yu Sha'er screamed wildly. She could only see Ye Yuwei in her eyes. There was no room for the one she loved the most— Gu Juexi.

Looking at the woman groveling on the ground, Ye Yuwei could not feel the joy of revenge. On the contrary, she was overwhelmed with bleakness. In the end, she had fallen into such a sorry state. It was fortunate that Ye Yuwei had retained her last shred of dignity.

Removing Gu Juexi's arms that were holding her, Ye Yuwei slowly approached Yu Sha'er and squatted not far away from her.

Ye Yuwei stared at Yu Sha'er who was panting and groveling on the ground.

"Yu Sha'er, do you know how much I hate you? I can't wait to peel off your skin and rip you apart," Ye Yuwei's expression turned vicious as she said.

"Do you think you've won? Gu Juexi is just using you. You poor thing. Oh yea, that old woman must have died. I killed her…"


Before Yu Sha'er could finish her words, Ye Yuwei gave her a slap in her face. She then got up, grabbed Yu Sha'er in her arms and hit her savagely in her face.

It was Yu Sha'er that had hurt Auntie Mao and made Ye Yuwei suffer from her current condition. It was all because of Yu Sha'er.

"Yuwei…" Looking at Ye Yuwei who had nearly lost her mind, Gu Juexi worried that her current emotional state might hurt the baby. He quickly rushed over and took her away from Yu Sha'er.

Yu Sha'er collapsed entirely, crouching on the ground after Ye Yuwei beat her.

"Yu Sha'er, you will die a miserable death!" Ye Yuwei cursed ruthlessly.

At this time, Ye Yuwei was different from her normal self.

Ye Yuwei had lost the only person she could rely on in B City. She knew that she must stay strong. Hence, she held back all her emotions ever since the day Auntie Mao got into the accident. However, her tolerance collapsed entirely the moment she saw Yu Sha'er. The only feeling she had toward her was a deep hatred.

Ye Yuwei was terrified and capable of nothing. She could only vent all her anger on Yu Sha'er. Hence, she had turned ruthless and even cursed Yu Sha'er. Yu Sha'er face was bleeding and mixed with dirt.

"Yuwei." Gu Juexi could feel her fury by holding her shivering body.

"Take Yu Sha'er away," Gu Juexi said coldly.

Watching Yu Sha'er being taken away, Ye Yuwei did not calm down. Instead, hatred was burning in her eyes.

Hearing Yu Sha'er's screams slowly fade away, Ye Yuwei regained her composure. Presently, she was completely exhausted. If it was not because of Gu Juexi was holding her in his arms, she would have collapsed to the ground.