The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 225

Chapter 225: That is Ridiculous

"So what? Ye Yuwei is extremely conceited. If there wasn't the news that morning, she must be touched by what Gu Juexi did to her. Presently, she must think that it is just a trick of Gu Juexi to rebuild his reputation. Also, do you think Gu Juexi would explain to her?" Bai Yuyan smiled smugly as she ate.

"Ye Yuwei is stubborn. Once she has decided, she would never change her mind. So the only thing I need to do is to chase her away. Then, the whole world is mine."

"What's the progress on the jewelry designing department?" Bai Yuyan put down the cutlery as she asked.

"Everything is ready, we are just waiting for the approval. But there is an issue with the loan. Why do you want to take the loan instead?" The woman on the other side of the phone asked.

"Mai Qi, you are too young." Bai Yuyan got up to change her clothes.

"I need to go to Gu Mansion. You get the documents ready." Bai Yuyan hung up the phone as soon as she spat out her last word. The room was then silent.

Bai Yuyan was wearing her shoes at the door. After pondering for a while, she removed her makeup and walked out the door. She knew that Madame Gu would definitely take her side. She must make good use of this bargaining chip.

At Gu Enterprise, Gu Juexi was fuming the entire morning. Simply no one dared to walk near him. As Gu Juexi's assistant, PA Wen had no choice but to bite the bullet every time he sought Gu Juexi's to sign something.

When PA Wen felt that Gu Juexi had slightly cooled down at noon, he asked softly, "CEO, I have something in my mind but I am not sure if I can say it."

"Speak up." Gu Juexi leaned on the back of the chair and looked at the PA Wen.

"Do you want to explain to Mrs. Gu about the news? I think this might be.."

"Why should I explain?" Gu Juexi burst into laughter.

"Has Ye Yuwei lost her mind? She does not trust me at all. Why should I explain to her?"

PA Wen was stunned by Gu Juexi's reaction and thought to himself, 'You should just clear the air. You brought Mrs. Gu on a shopping date at the wrong time. Why must it be right after the news hit the city? Mrs. Gu would definitely think that you are trying to regain your reputation by doing that. But since you refused to explain, what else can I do? You have such a big ego. You are bringing all this upon yourself since you love your pride more than anything else.'

It was true that Gu Juexi was arrogant. He had never cleared the air when he was accused of having an affair with Yu Sha'er in the past. Why must he explain to Ye Yuwei this time? Was Bai Yuyan actually worth his effort? That was ridiculous!

PA Wen could not help but take the agreement and turn to leave. Gu Juexi sat alone in his room, still fuming.

On the other side, Ye Yuwei bumped into Lu Qichuan on the way out for lunch with Ouyang Xianxin. After talking to Ouyang Xianxin, Ye Yuwei walked toward Lu Qichuan who was waiting for her.

"Brother Lu, why are you here?" Ye Yuwei asked curiously.

"I am here for a discussion with a defendant just across your office. It's lunch hour. Come on, I treat you for lunch," Lu Qichuan took a glance at his watch as he said.

"I should buy you lunch. Are you feeling better now? I am sorry for the things happened that day. I apologize on Gu Juexi's behalf."