The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Someone Cant Wait for Me to Divorce Ye Yuwei

Ye Yuwei had actually instinctively apologized on Gu Juexi's behalf. Lu Qichuan merely stroked his lips and smiled enigmatically.

"No worries. Gu Juexi is my comrade. We don't hold grudges against each other." Lu Qichuan smiled as he said.

Lu Qichuan found a cozy hotel with elegant interior design nearby and took the seat near the window. He pulled a chair out for Ye Yuwei before taking off his coat then sat down. In Ye Yuwei's eyes, Lu Qichuan had always been a gentleman.

When the waiter came over with a menu on his hand, he took a glance at Ye Yuwei intentionally before he turned to look at Lu Qichuan.

"What would you like to order, sir?"

"Yuwei, what you want to eat?" Lu Qichuan asked.

Ye Yuwei was irritated with the waiter's gaze. So long as she was associated with Gu Juexi, she would be the subject of the gossip wherever she went.

"I'm fine with anything." Ye Yuwei smiled at Lu Qichun, trying hard to conceal her feelings. 

"Then we'll take something light." Lu Qichuan slightly nodded and lowered his head to browse through the menu.

Ye Yuwei looked at Lu Qichuan in silence.

"I don't know what you like to eat. So I simply chose something for you." Lu Qichuan looked at Ye Yuwei after finish ordering.

The picture of Ye Yuwei having lunch together with Lu Qichuan soon reached Gu Juexi's phone.

Both Ye Yuwei and Lu Qichuan looked happy in the picture. Ye Yuwei did not treat Gu Juexi the same way she treated Lu Qichuan. She was completely different when she was with him. Moreover, Ye Yuwei did not trust Gu Juexi.

However, Gu Juexi quickly regained his composure. He was even calmer than he used to be. He called out to PA Wen, handed him the phone, and clicked at the desktop with one hand.

PA Wen was jolted and subconsciously stared at Gu Juexi who appeared calm. With a distant look in Gu Juexi's eyes, simply no one knew what he was actually thinking.

"This…" PA Wen seemed to understand Gu Juexi.

"Someone can't wait for me to divorce Ye Yuwei." Gu Jue said. His tone was indifferent.

"Check this out. See if this number exists. Also, ask Ye Yuwei to see me with Bo Shen Enterprise's capital project."

PA Wen buried into contemplation. He simply did not understand the reason Gu Juexi asked Ye Yuwei to see him. However, it was amazing that Gu Juexi did not explode with rage.

"Alright." Even though PA Wen did not know why, since Gu Juexi requested, he would just follow his instructions.

PA Wen memorized the number silently and returned the phone to Gu Juexi before he left. Just as PA Wen walked out the door, he suddenly remembered that Lu Qichuan was still having lunch with Ye Yuwei.

'Xiao Yaojing only mentioned that Lu Qichuan should never go out for a date with other women. Since Ye Yuwei is not some "other woman", this should be fine.'

PA Wen could not help but shake his head. He cared about that woman way too much. Even if he was swamped with piles of work, he still had to worry about Lu Qichuan's whereabouts. He had truly lost his mind.

Gu Juexi lowered his eyes to look at the picture on his table and his lips curved into a humorless smile.

In the hotel, Ye Yuwei and Lu Qichuan were still eating peacefully.

"Bai Yuyan has returned to China. Did she look for you?" Ye Yuwei suddenly asked. 

"Bai Yuyan?" Le Qichuan paused and pondered.

"You are talking about the other child that survived that disaster?" Lu Qichuan could finally recall as he asked.