The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 227

Chapter 227: She Wants to Be Mrs. Gu

"Yeah, I thought she would look for you. After all, you are the one who saved her in the past." Hearing Lu Qichuan's words, Ye Yuwei knew that Baiyuyan had never looked for Lu Qichuan. It was true that she should never trust Bai Yuyan.

"I can't remember her. I can only remember you," Lu Qichuan suddenly said.

"Ah…" Ye Yuwei accidentally bit her tongue and looked at Lu Qichuan in embarrassment.

"Brother Lu, you must be joking."

"Why do you look frightened? I didn't do anything to you." Lu Qichuan burst into laughter and handed her a cup of tea.

"I am just thinking that you will find a better one," Ye Yuwei said solemnly.

"Why? You think you are not good enough?" Lu Qichuan asked with a faint smile. He did not tell her after all.

"Yeah, Bai Yuyan is here in China. I returned to base after the fire. I have never seen her since then." Feeling Ye Yuwei's discomfort, Lu Qichuan changed the topic.

"Bai Yuyan left after her parents found her. You should know have known this." Ye Yuwei felt that the pain of her tongue fade after gargling as she said.

"I know. Because of this, Brother Gu went to the police station for confirmation. But I have no idea what happened after that. Why did she come back?" Lu Qichuan asked again.

'She wants to be Mrs. Gu.' Naturally, Ye Yuwei would not tell him about this.

"I have no idea. I didn't ask."

"Actually, I am the one who should have gone to the police station back then because I am the one who found the both of you. But since I hurt my leg, Brother Gu had to go instead. If not, I won't…"

Before Lu Qichuan finished his words, Ye Yuwei's phone rang. Ye Yuwei was slightly startled but she was glad that her phone rang at the right time. She knew exactly what Lu Qichuan wanted to say and she definitely could not handle that.

However, when Ye Yuwei saw the caller's name, she quickly regretted and wish she could just let Lu Qichuan finish his sentence.


The person who called her was PA Wen. However, there was something wrong with Gu Juexi's recently. Even if it was PA Wen, it made no difference. Presently, Gu Juexi was no longer the one she wanted to approach. He was horrifying.

Seeing that Ye Yuwei's was ringing, Lu Qichuan made a gesture with his chin toward her phone.

"Why you don't answer the call?"

Ye Yuwei snapped back to reality with mixed feelings in her heart. Finally, she picked up the call.


"Mrs. Gu, CEO wants me to tell you to come over with Bo Shen Enterprise's first capital project at 2.30 this afternoon."

"I thought the first capital project was approved?" Hearing PA Wen, Ye Yuwei was slightly puzzled.

"I am not sure. That's what CEO requested. Mrs. Gu will know when you come over." PA Wen said with an apologetic tone. He truly had no idea what Gu Juexi was after.

"Alright. Thanks PA Wen," Ye Yuwei responded in bewilderment.