The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Is That the Lawyer Mr. Lu?

"What's wrong?" Seeing Ye Yuwei with her brow furrowed, Lu Qichuan asked.

Ye Yuwei shook her head slightly and put the phone down.

"Nothing. It's just work." Lu Qichuan merely nodded and did not ask further.

"Just now you said that Bai Yuyan is back in China. So where is she now?" Lu Qichuan disregarded the phone call since it was personal matter after all.

"She is currently staying at a hotel. She must be looking for a new place to stay now." Ye Yuwei looked up at Lu Qichuan.

"No matter what, I have to thank you for saving me in the past."

"Haha. There is no need. It was my responsibility back then. Army Uncle is meant to help those who suffer hardship and save lives."

Ye Yuwei laughed at Lu Qichuan humorous response.

After the lunch, Ye Yuwei went back to the bank to prepare the documents and left for Gu Enterprise.

"Yuwei." Lu Qichuan called out to Ye Yuwei when she turned to leave.

"Yes?" Ye Yuwei turned her head and looked at Lu Qichuan curiously.

"You look pretty when you smile. It's true." Lu Qichuan smiled as he stared at Yu Yuwei.

Slightly startled, Ye Yuwei smiled and look up at Lu Qichuan.

"I think I look pretty all the time." Ye Yuwei waved at him and left as soon as she uttered her last word.

Watching Ye Yuwei leaving, Lu Qichuan whispered, "That's true. You look pretty even when you cry."

Back then, Ye Yuwei was a little girl who was crying, crouched down on the ground, in the fire. He simply did not know she was crying because she saw him or just because she was frightened. Even if her face was covered with dirt, that was the most beautiful crying face he had ever seen.

When Ye Yuwei reached the bank, Ouyang Xianxin came over and asked, "Is that the lawyer, Mr. Lu?"

"Yeah. Sister Xin, why are you so gossipy?" Ye Yuwei said as she was looking for the documents.

"I am just curious. Everyone knows that Mr. Lu will never go out to meet clients. All the while, it was his client who would look for him in his office. Now, he had actually come here to meet his client?"

"Maybe he wants to go out for a walk today. Why you behave like an eighteen-year-old gossipmonger." Ye Yuwei found the documents, put them in her briefcase, and held onto Ouyang Xianxin's shoulder.

Ouyang Xianxin turned her head to look at Ye Yuwei and patted her hand lightly.

"I just want to tell you that because of Mr. Gu, the paparazzi are watching you. Don't you forget the things they did to you in the past."

Ye Yuwei paused and pondered, thinking of how she was wronged and falsely reported in the news, she slowly loosened her grip on Ouyang Xianxin's shoulder.

"No worries. We are just friends. It was a friend date."

"I just want to remind you. Otherwise, you will get into trouble later." Ouyang Xianxin merely nodded

"I know. Thanks Sister Xin, I'm going to Gu Enterprise. Gu Juexi wants to take a look at the project documents." Ye Yuwei walked past Ouyang Xianxin and left the office.

When Ye Yuwei entered the lift, her smile fade. The ability of the media to distort facts was far powerful than their ability to uncover the facts. She had long realized this.

Ye Yuwei arrived at Gu Enterprise before 2.20 but she waited at the lobby and only went up to see Gu Juexi at 2.20. She was no longer her old self that would meet him earlier than he expected.