The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 235

Chapter 235: You Are Really Something

Hearing Madame Gu's disdainful words, Ye Yuwei tightened her grip on the handrail while another hand held her abdomen.

"Grandma, if you have nothing else to do, you can just go back and rest," Gu Juexi said after contemplating.

"You…" Madame Gu pointed at Gu Juexi with her crutch.

"You're chasing me out for that woman? It was her that caused Auntie Mao's current situation. Now that she has even turned you against me!" Madame Gu burst into tears.

"Grandma, don't be sad. That's not what Brother Gu was trying to say." Bai Yuyan hurriedly comforted her.

Gu Juexi stared at Bai Yuyan, his lips curved into a sneer. Bai Yuyan could not help but tremble in panic.

Once Ye Yuwei stepped into her room, she shut the door and the room lapsed into a peaceful silence. Her belly was still flat and she could not feel her child. She simply did not know why Gu Juexi refused to let her off.

When Gu Juexi entered the room, his face was terrifying as vented his anger upon Ye Yuwei. Little did she know Gu Juexi was infuriated by the incident just now or if there was something else that had annoyed him.

"I thought you are capable of making everyone taking your side? Why can't you do this to an old lady?" Gu Juexi walked straight to the washroom as soon as he spat out his last word.

Startled at first, Butler Kim entered the room with the first aid kit in his hands.

Ye Yuwei could not help but take a deep breath. Gu Juexi's words were full of irony. He was still thinking that she had deceived everyone for taking her side. Gu Juexi had never trusted her.

Restraining the pain of her swollen wrist, a dull feeling filled her heart. Ye Yuwei did not know why she was still standing there.

When she buried into contemplation, her phone rang. Her right hand was trembling when she picked up the phone. But when she looked at the caller's name, she quickly regained her composure.

"Yaojing," she answered the call after signaling Butler Kim to leave.

"I heard from my manager that you attended the hearing today and did a great job. Ye Zi, you are really something. I need to work harder to catch up to you." Beaming with pride, Xiao Yaojing said excitedly.

Ye Yuwei's lips curved into a bitter smile. So long as the thing she did would do Xiao Yaojing good, it was worthwhile.

"Then you need to work hard. You are doing a fundraising project, aren't you? When you return, you could be a fundraising advisor. That would be amazing." Ye Yuwei laughed as she said, disguising her dull feeling.

"You are right. You have no idea how many seniors are jealous of me. I have not even completed my probation. Hehe…" Xia Yaojing burst into giggles.

It was such a good opportunity. Since they know Gu Juexi was the one behind Xiao Yaojing, they would naturally give it to Xiao Yaojing.

"Oh yeah, how are you doing? Did the White Lotus 1 do anything bad to you?"

White Lotus? Ye Yuwei paused and pondered. She was sure that she had never received her loan application. Or else, she would have received the notification in her phone, even if she was not in the office.

"No, she didn't. You just focus on your work." Ye Yuwei restrained her dull feeling not wanting Xiao Yaojing to worry about her.

"I have really learned a lot from the project. When I have any legal issue, I can even resort to Lu Qichuan. Haha, I am such a genius! But Wentao is so annoying. I was just asking his opinion, but his words kept pouring out like a flood."

  1. 白莲花 (bái lián huā) – someone who is pure in appearance, but opposite inside. Naturally, this refers to Bai Yuyan