The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 236

Chapter 236: There Is a Limit to His Tolerance and She Is Approaching It

Listening to Xiao Yaojing's complain, Ye Yuwei could not help but laugh softly.

"You are such a love-struck fool. PA Wen actually looks handsome as well."

As soon as Ye Yuwei finished her words, a sharp gaze filled with killing intent pierced into her eyes. It was Gu Juexi who stood at the washroom door. Ye Yuwei quickly looked away and continue talking to Xiao Yaojing.

'PA Wen is handsome? Are you blind? Don't you dare say PA Wen is handsome before me!'

Ah-choo! On the other side, PA Wen was sneezing—someone was cursing him.

"PA Wen? Forget about it. What is so good about a jerk's bootlicker?" Xiao Yaojing merely scoffed.

Naturally, Gu Juexi would not let her off easily. Before Ye Yuwei could finish her words, Gu Juexi took her phone over and hung up after that.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ye Yuwei got up and glared at him.

"You talked too loud," Gu Juexi answered nonchalantly.

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "If you hate me so much, I can just leave."

"You truly can't wait to leave?" Gu Juexi furrowed his brow as he looked at Ye Yuwei who stood before him

"Yes, every single minute," Ye Yuwei said decisively.

Simply no one knew if Gu Juexi had lost his mind as he burst into laughter and slowly approached Ye Yuwei. Seeing Gu Juexi walk toward her, she could not help but step back. When she walked near the bed, she lost balance but Gu Juexi quickly grabbed her wrist and she fell into his warm embrace. As they were too close, Ye Yuwei subconsciously avoided him.

"Or would it because you are afraid that you still love me?" Feeling his warm breath tickling her ears, Ye Yuwei's heart skipped a beat. She stretched her arms to push him away but fell on the bed instead. Gu Juexi leaned over, avoiding her abdomen and pressed against her.

"Let go of me." Blazing in anger, Ye Yuwei snarled.

"Are you turning shame into anger?

Ye Yuwei bit her lips together, her eyes met his intimate gaze. Hearing his cynical words, she burst into laughter.

"So what? Gu Juexi, even if I still love you, this is not a reason for you to hurt me. I couldn't control my heart but I can control my body and the decision I make," Ye Yuwei suddenly said.

"The decision to leave me for another guy? Who would it be? Lu Qichuan, Qian Yikun, or Cheng Jie?" Gu Juexi caressed her fair and smooth cheek.

"You are shameless. Gu Juexi, you would actually do anything just for the sake of insulting me, even if it involves your comrade."

Hearing his scornful remark, her body shivered slightly. She raised her hand but it was quickly held by Gu Juexi.

'She is still siding Lu Qichuan at this time?'

A furious rage swept over and burned uncontrollably within him.

"Ye Yuwei, you will remain safe and sound if you know the do and don'ts." Gu Juexi tightened his grip of her wrists that were pressed against the bed.

There was a limit to his tolerance and she was approaching it. As long as she did not say something that was against him and be the same way she had always been in the past, she would be just fine.

"We'd better forget each other and never meet again. There's nothing left between us." Staring at the man before her eyes, YeYuwei struggled to get off.

Hearing her words, Gu Juexi tightened his grip again and Ye Yuwei knitted her brow.