The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Do You Know That, Gu Juexi? This Was My Last Shred of Dignity

She pushed Gu Juexi aside as she laughed, and slowly walked to the rack where the projector was placed. She took a box from the rack and began to untie the ribbon. "I looked online for so long to make this thing," Ye Yuwei mumbled. After she untied the ribbon, she took off the lid and the box exploded.

It was an explosion box with photos of Gu Juexi inside. Next to the photos were some hand-drawn pictures.

Ye Yuwei gently stroked the photos in the explosion box and said, "Do you know that, Gu Juexi? This was my last shred of dignity."

She then carried the box and to where Gu Juexi was. "Isn't it funny? I had to edit all these photos because there were no pictures of us. I had to use pictures of you with other women, crop them off and replace with pictures of mine," Ye Yuwei explained, trying her best to continue smiling. She then pointed at the table at the corner. "Did you see? I did it over there." On the table was a pair of scissors, as if mocking how there used to be a woman who did all the stupid things there.

Gu Juexi clenched his fists as he looked at the woman standing in front of him.

Ye Yuwei lifted the box to Gu Juexi's eye level. "Do you know it now how there once was a woman who loved you with all her heart? Is this one of the proudest achievements in your whole life?"

Gu Juexi did not look at the box or on the tear on the photos. He had his eyes on Ye Yuwei and looked at how calm she was, or more accurately—how desperate she was.

No, this was not why he brought Ye Yuwei here. All he wanted was for Ye Yuwei to admit that she still loves him.

Ye Yuwei lowered her arms and let the box fall from her hands, causing the photos in the box to scatter all around the floor.

Gu Juexi finally looked at the photos. The tear on the photos was just like the crack in their relationship now.

Ye Yuwei stepped on the photos as she walked past Gu Juexi. Her dignity and inferiority were all now exposed in front of Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi suddenly reached out and held Ye Yuwei's wrist. Both of them were standing back to back without looking at each other, and the only connection between them was Gu Juexi's hand that refused to let go.

The box fell from Ye Yuwei's hands to beside Gu Juexi's feet, and a smaller box dropped out of the box with its lid opened, inside the smaller box was a diamond ring.

"Don't worry, Gu Juexi. I won't leave. After all, you always know how to use people's weakness against them." Ye Yuwei pushed away his hand slowly with sarcasm in her voice.

The darkroom was silent again. Gu Juexi clenched his fist, and his body that was so tensed it showed that he was at the verge of breaking down. He squatted and picked up the ring.

[Juexi, Mom and I are choosing the ring now, do you want to have a look? I can take a picture of it for you.]

What did he do when Ye Yuwei shared with him her excitement? He thought it was meaningless and hung up the phone. Feeling something in his chest that was urging to break out, Gu Juexi held the ring in the palm of his hand tightly.