The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 240

Chapter 240: You Are So Pretentious

"Stop packing," said Gu Juexi angrily. 'She can continue to put up with Grandma if she doesn't appreciate it,' Gu Juexi thought to himself and slammed the door as he left the room.

Ye Yuwei was speechless at his mood swings.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi went to the study instead of leaving the house.

Bai Yuyan who was accompanying the old mistress sent her back to her room after noticing that the couple fought and went to the study.

"Come in." Gu Juexi who was still mad at how happy Ye Yuwei looked when he told her to pack said impatiently when someone knocked on his door.

Bai Yuyan entered the room, flipped her hair, and asked, "Juexi, am I disturbing you?"

Gu Juexi glanced at her with a long face, as if saying that Bai Yuyan was asking the obvious. But Bai Yuyan had the ability to ignore how Gu Juexi looked at her.

"Juexi, I had been busy since I came back here and haven't got time to thank you and Qichuan for saving my life. I would love to buy you two a meal. Yuwei could tag along too," said Bai Yuyan gratefully.

Gu Juexi squinted at what Bai Yuyan said, as if trying to figure out the real meaning behind her words. 

"Qichuan was the one who found you. Treating him alone is enough," said Gu Juexi who obviously did not want to entertain Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan pursed her lips and looked nervous for a moment after what Gu Juexi said. She quickly hid her emotions and put on a sad face within a second. "But weren't you the one who helped me out? I should treat you too," said Bai Yuyan who then waited for Gu Juexi's reply nervously.

Gu Juexi who was still mad did not notice that Bai Yuyan was nervous, and kept tapping his fingers on the table. His silence made Bai Yuyan even more nervous. 'If Gu Juexi figured out who the second child was back then…'

"Don't bother," said Gu Juexi impatiently after noticing that Bai Yuyan showed no signs of leaving. "I said treating Qichuan alone is enough. It getting late, Miss Bai should go."

Bai Yuyan had no choice but to leave when Gu Juexi expressly told her so. "Alright then, I will get going," said Bai Yuyan who then left the room and closed the door behind her.

Ye Yuwei who came out from her room saw Bai Yuyan coming out from the study. Bai Yuyan quickly explained to her when they made eye contact, "Please don't get it wrong, Yuwei. I only went in there because Juexi wanted to tell me something."

Ye Yuwei put on a faint smile and went downstairs, while Bai Yuyan quickly followed and grabbed on Ye Yuwei's arm. "I know it was my fault that time, can you forgive me? Why not we both buy Qichuan a meal tomorrow? To thank him for saving our lives, what say you?"

Ye Yuwei felt rather uncomfortable when Bai Yuyan grabbed on her arm. But Bai Yuyan did not seem to feel how people were annoyed at her and continued to be bubbly.

"You can go on your own. I can give you his number," said Ye Yuwei.

"Isn't it awkward if I go by myself? I am not really close to him," said Bai Yuyan with a sad face, "Go with me please, Yuwei?"

"You are so pretentious, Bai Yuyan," said Ye Yuwei who shoved Bai Yuyan out of the way and went into the kitchen.