The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 241

Chapter 241: What Is This Nonsense?

"How could you say that, Yuwei?" Bai Yuyan followed Ye Yuwei to the kitchen. "I only asked for your help because you are the only one I am close to. I don't have many friends, you are my only friend."

Ye Yuwei took over the glass of water from a maid's hand, thanked her, and looked at Bai Yuyan. "Miss Bai is from a prominent family, someone like me is probably not qualified to be Miss Bai's friend."

"That's so hurtful, Yuwei! Yes, I admit that I used to be materialistic. But we were in an orphanage! Who doesn't want to be in a rich family, right?" said Bai Yuyan quickly.

"No," said Ye Yuwei as she left the kitchen, "Do you know how envious Yuzhen, Yuqiao, and I were every time you were selected for adoption? All we wanted was a home, not money."

"Of course you could say that now that you are Mrs. Gu. Who would respect you when you have nothing? Didn't you get what you have now because you are the wife of Gu Juexi?" Bai Yuyan rebutted.

Ye Yuwei stopped walking to look at Bai Yuyan. "That's exactly why I never wanted to argue with you on this. We will never be on the same page."

"You think you are so noble, Yuwei. Would you leave Gu Juexi and give up everything you have now?" asked Bai Yuyan crossly.

"I can leave right away if he lets me, then you can be Mrs. Gu if you want to," said Ye Yuwei. And when she turned around, Gu Juexi was standing at the stairs looking at her.

Ye Yuwei was surprised to see Gu Juexi standing behind her, and her first thought was to feel awkward. On second thought, what she said has already been said. So what was the big deal?

Bai Yuyan could tell who was standing behind by looking at Ye Yuwei's facial expression, so again she said as if Ye Yuwei wronged her, "What are you saying, Yuwei? I won't be a home-wrecker no matter how much I love money. Wasn't what you said too much?"

Gu Juexi was still standing there, giving her a cold stare. Ye Yuwei could not stand his stare so she looked at Bai Yuyan instead. "Really? You shouldn't be so sure about anything… What if Gu Juexi heard you and thought that you really are not interested in him at all?" said Ye Yuwei as she walked past Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan held her own hands tightly, turned around with a sad face, and pretended to be surprised when she saw Gu Juexi standing there. "Juexi," Bai Yuyan called out.

Gu Juexi did not look at Ye Yuwei at all when she walked past him. "Let me send you," said Gu Juexi to Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan was excited at his offer, but did not let it show on her face, "If it isn't too much trouble…"

Gu Juexi walked to the door without saying a word.

Ye Yuwei stopped walking, tightened her grip on the glass of water as she saw what happened, and felt stupid right after. So what if he sent Bai Yuyan back? What did who Gu Juexi wants to be with have anything to do with her?

Bai Yuyan followed Gu Juexi out excitedly, only to realize that Gu Juexi did not even change his slippers.

Bai Yuyan's mind went blank for a moment when Gu Juexi stood by the door with his hands inside his pocket and said, "You may leave now, Miss Bai."

So, by sending her he meant sending her to the door? 'What is this nonsense?'

Bai Yuyan then understood what happened. Never had she expected that Gu Juexi would care so much about Ye Yuwei, to the extent that he would use even childish tricks.