The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Cheng Jie? Cheng Jie!

Gu Juexi chuckled, causing PA Wen to tremble as he started the car engine. "Young Mistress regards CEO as family. I am an outsider after all," PA Wen added.

Yes, he was an outsider!

For the first time in his life, PA Wen felt glad he was an outsider.

After listening to PA Wen's words, Gu Juexi's expression was less dark. "When is Ye Yuwei's birthday?"

"Huh?" PA Wen was stunned for a while. "The young mistress doesn't have a birthday."

"Doesn't have a birthday?" Gu Juexi doubted what he had just heard.

"Yes. Because the young mistress is an orphan, thus she doesn't have a birthday," PA Wen explained.

Gu Juexi leaned against the backrest and looked at the people walking into the bank.

He felt his heartstrings being tugged at.

'She always puts much thought and effort into others' birthday presents, and yet she doesn't have a birthday.'

Gu Juexi became quiet after that, hence PA Wen could not figure out the CEO's thoughts.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuwei was praised by Ouyang Xianxin after her return.

Ye Yuwei felt she did not deserve the compliment as it was due to Gu Juexi's contribution.

"Sister Xin, I need to make a trip to Yuyan's jewelry store to have a look for the loan application." Ye Yuwei mused as she changed her clothes.

"On your own? Bring Linlin along with you." Ouyang Xianxin offered.

"It's okay, I'm only going over to have a look to see if the shop's layout checks out with the blueprint attached to the loan application. It'll be a quick trip." Ye Yuwei assured. "Gu Enterprise's finance department should be in charge of the second phase of the project. We don't have to get involved that much."

"They will be handling the main part, but CEO Gu's idea is for us to handle the funding source. They need us to give them the data." Ouyang Xianxin said as Ye Yuwei walked out.

Ye Yuwei paused in her steps. She then continued to sort her clothes, and picked up a stamped loan application."I still think Bo Shen Enterprise is suspicious." Ye Yuwei hesitated.

"What we can do now is to prevent the problematic funds from flowing in. The agreement has been acknowledged and in effect. Once the illegal funds come in, it will be disastrous." Ouyang Xianxin's expression darkened.

"I'll go have a look at the place." Ye Yuwei said as she placed the documents in her bag before she turned and left.

Bai Yuyan's store was quite a distance from Ye Yuwei's bank. It took an hour to get there even by car.

Ye Yuwei was about to call for a taxi when Cheng Jie's car stopped in front of her.

"What a coincidence, Mrs. Gu." Cheng Jie wound down the car window and looked at Ye Yuwei who had her head bowed looking at her phone.

Ye Yuwei raised her head in surprise and was greeted by Cheng Jie's sparkling blue eyes and radiant smile.

"CEO Cheng." Ye Yuwei acknowledged, before lowering her head and hailing a taxi through her phone application.

"Where are going Mrs.Gu? I can give you a lift." Cheng Jie offered. "You have previously rejected me once, you wouldn't reject me again, would you? It is rush hour now. It would be quite difficult to get a car."

Ye Yuwei looked at her phone application. None of the three hundred cars accepted her request. She closed the application as Cheng Jie opened the car door, and climbed into the car.