The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Mrs. Gu Is a Smart Person

"Thank you CEO Cheng, I'm going to 40, Jian Min Street." Ye Yuwei spoke without holding back. Coincidentally she had some matters to discuss with Cheng Jie.

Cheng Jie gave orders to Mike, then turned to look at Ye Yuwei. "CEO Gu didn't arrange a chauffeur for you? You had to hail a ride service on a hot summer's day."

Ye Yuwei looked at Cheng Jie. Previously Gu Juexi had given her a driver, but she had rejected it.

"Transportation network here is well developed. It is not troublesome to hail a ride." Ye Yuwei answered. "Where are you going?"

"I'm on the way to the Trade and Industry Bureau to hand in an application. I've heard of the matter yesterday. That CEO Gu paved a way for you. You may have become famous at the bureau." Cheng Jie chuckled and took a look at Ye Yuwei. "You are twenty-three years old this year?"

Ye Yuwei was taken aback, surprised at Cheng Jie's sudden curiosity about her age.

"This is not work related, I presume." Ye Yuwei suddenly raised her guard.

"Don't be surprised. I just think Mrs. Gu is capable at such a young age." Cheng Jie smiled.

Ye Yuwei's lips twitched. She felt undeserving of the compliment.

"I'm just curious, CEO Cheng seems to dabble in a lot of businesses." Ye Yuwei diverted the topic.

"I'm ambitious and like to take part in businesses that can bring in money." Cheng Jie leaned against the backrest, maintaining his smile while looking at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei returned Cheng Jie's gaze. This is not the first time she had met Cheng Jie but something did not add up this time.

"I agree. The trend now is multimodal development. CEO Cheng is able to amass a huge business empire. This shows your extraordinary ability." Ye Yuwei complimented, having learned some skills over the years in the business field.

"In your opinion, am I or CEO Gu more capable?" Cheng Jie quipped.

This was a very straightforward question.

Ye Yuwei subconsciously wished to avoid this question as Cheng Jie's smirk led her to think that this was a trap.

Cheng Jie shifted to a more comfortable position while maintaining his smile, waiting for Ye Yuwei's answer.

"I can't make a comparison as the business nature is different." Ye Yuwei gave a vague answer.

Cheng Jie burst out in laughter.

Ye Yuwei regretted her decision getting into Cheng Jie's car.

Perhaps it was because she was alone with him today, thus the pressure was greater.

"Mrs. Gu is a smart person." Cheng Jie broke the silence.

Ye Yuwei fastened the buckle on her briefcase inconspicuously.

"I'm flattered. CEO Cheng can just drop me off at the junction in front. Where I'm going wouldn't be along the way."

"I couldn't drop you off half the journey, could I? Let me send you to your destination before I make my way to the bureau." Cheng Jie kept the smile on his face all along.

Ye Yuwei pursed her lips and began to relax her grip on her briefcase. She turned to look at Cheng Jie. "CEO Cheng, you really courteous. It's not that I want to draw a clear line between us, but Gu Bank is analyzing your data. You wouldn't want anyone having the chance to use something against me, would you?" Ye Yuwei reasoned.

Cheng Jie nodded in agreement at Ye Yuwei's words.