The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 245

Chapter 245: I Asked Her to Get the Loan

"Mike, stop the car at a place that is easy to get a taxi and let Mrs. Gu get off," Cheng Jie told Mike and turned to look at Ye Yuwei.

"When all this is over, I will treat you, Mrs. Gu. I hope you'll do me the honor of accepting this invitation."

"Thanks CEO Cheng. It's my pleasure." As soon as the car stopped, Ye Yuwei got off the car, heaved a big sigh of relief and quickly left the spot.

"They look alike." Seeing her panicked footsteps, the corner of Cheng Jie's lips lifted.

"Master Cheng." Mike simply could not read Cheng Jie's mind.

"They really look alike." Cheng Jie waved his hand, signaling Mike to start the car.

When Ye Yuwei reached Bai Yuyan's jewelry studio, Bai Yuyan was waiting for her. Ye Yuwei was still a little anxious. Cheng Jie's searching glance that had kept sizing her up was still lingering in her mind.

Bai Yuyan's jewelry studio was a three-story building located two streets away from Gu Enterprise.

"Do you know how long I wait for you?" Bai Yuyan put on an angry face as she snarled at Ye Yuwei. She then signaled her assistant to get Ye Yuwei a glass of water before walking into the building together with her.

The first floor was about three hundred square meters, consisting of the reception area and showroom. After Ye Yuwei checked the building layout against the layout plan carefully, she went up the stairs together with Bai Yuyan.

"Do you think I would cheat you? We are renting this place according to the procedures." Bai Yu Yan looked annoyed.

"If that is the case, you shouldn't care whether or not I am checking this in detail." Ye Yuwei answered coolly, still checking the area on the second floor.

Standing behind her, Bai Yuyan's face suddenly changed and quickly caught up with her.

"Yuwei, you need to do this on your own? You truly are a manger that has no authority."

Hearing her words, Ye Yuwei's hands trembled slightly. She had always been like this and did everything on her own since she was an intern. She wanted to prove her capability to Gu Juexi. Even if all her efforts had gone down the drain, this habit had been instilled in her since then.

"You are just looking for trouble aren't you? You are Mrs. Gu after all. Even if you just sit idle in the office, nobody would dare to do anything to you. Also, if you do this on your own, you are just embarrassing Brother Gu." Bai Yuyan walked near Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei closed the file on her hands and turned to look at Bai Yuyan.

"I need your information for the past few years."

"Why do you need this?"

"That's the rule. I need to make sure that you have the ability to repay the loan." Ye Yuwei answered formally.

"My ability to repay the loan? Ye Yuwei, you actually doubt my ability to repay the loan?" Bai Yuyan raised her voice.

"Since you can afford the loan, why are you getting a loan from us?" Ye Yuwei retorted.

Stunned for a moment, Bai Yuyan's face suddenly darkened.

"I asked her to get the loan." Madame Gu's voice sounded.

Bai Yuyan did not utter a word. Her face had quickly changed from resentful to grievous and turned to look at Madame Gu whose hands were clung onto a maid.

"Grandma, why you coming here on your own? I was thinking of paying you a visit later." Bai Yuyan walked over and held onto Madame Gu's hand as she said coyly.