The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 247

Chapter 247: She Actually Hung Up!

Ye Yuwei raised her head. Her gaze swept past Bai Yuyan who was standing next to Madame Gu and locked onto Madame Gu who was burning with fury.

"Perhaps, Madame Gu can discuss this with Mr. Gu. If Mr. Gu agrees, I have no issue," Ye Yuwei said slowly.

"Don't tell me about Gu Juexi. I want you to get this done now." Madame Gu glared at Ye Yuwei rudely.

Hiding behind Madame Gu, Bai Yuyan was enjoyed seeing Madame Gu scold Ye Yuwei.

"If Madame Gu wants me to do this through the backdoor, I have no issue. But according to this rule…" Ye Yuwei held firm to her stance.

"Ye…stop talking about the rules." Madame Gu walked toward Ye Yuwei as she said.

"I don't care what kind of trick you used to deceive Wenjie. But if you want me to recognize you as part of the Gu family, over my dead body!"

Standing rooted on the ground, Ye Yuwei was surrounded by Bai Yuyan's staff.

"It would still be the same. If Mr. Gu…"

Slap! Before Ye Yuwei could finish her sentence, Madame Gu gave her a slap in the face.

Her cheek had gone numb and pain spread through every inch of her face.

"Ye Yuwei, don't take things for granted. Who do you think you are? Do you really think you are the mistress of the Gu family?" Madame Gu slapped Ye Yuwei with all her heart and her words turned even more scornful.

Bai Yuyan's store was abuzz with disdainful laughter. Ye Yuwei could not help but look down sadly.

"Grandma, it was me that did not provide the correct information. It has nothing to do with Ye Yuwei." Bai Yuyan said softly and quickly held onto Madame Gu.

Ye Yuwei slowly raised her head. A red slap mark could be seen clearly imprinted on her cheek. Madame Gu was still raging.

"Since Madame Gu wants to do this through the backdoor, you may go to the bank and give this instruction on your own." Ye Yuwei merely scoffed and turned to leave as soon as she finished talking.

The sun was scorching and her cheek was burning with pain. Ye Yuwei raised her head to stop the tear from streaming down her cheek.

'Matron said that God would look after those who work hard. Apparently, she was lying.'

Ye Yuwei did not slack off in everything that she did and held everyone close to her heart. But God forgot about her. Ye Yuwei took a deep breath, bit back her tears and walked out.

"It was stated in Miss Bai's loan application that the land area is one hundred fifty square meters bigger than the actual size. So Mrs. Gu rejected her application. It happened that Madame Gu was there and slapped Mrs. Gu because of this."

As soon as PA Wen finished his words, Gu Juexi broke the pen in his hand.

Seeing this, PA Wen subconsciously held his neck.

"Get someone to wreck her store and tell her that her store is an eyesore." Gu Juexi threw the broken pen on the table.

Momentarily stunned, Pa Wen hurriedly walked out the door. He did not want his life to end like the pen in Gu Juexi's hand.

Gu Juexi took his phone and gave Ye Yuwei a call.  

Sitting in the taxi, Ye Yuwei quickly rejected the call as soon as she saw the caller's name.

She actually hung up! Gu Juexi threw his phone on the ground. He had truly lost his mind to care about her.