The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Wrecked Building

When Ye Yuwei reached the bank, she walked straight into her room and avoided everyone in the bank.

"Linlin, you can stop working on the loan application of Bai Yuyan's jewelry store." Ye Yuwei dialed an extension number and leaned back on her chair.

Slighted startled, Linlin looked around.

"I think Miss Ye was hit by Miss Bai," someone said softly.

"Miss Bai is a better match for CEO after all." Another woman responded.

"Don't say that. Miss Ye is not inferior to Miss Bai. She is diligent and kind." Linlin turned to look at them.

"Who needs a diligent woman nowadays? Miss Ye is such a fool," the woman continued saying.

At noon, Ye Yuwei and Ouyang Xianxin were eating takeout food in the office. 

"Are you alright?" Ouyang Xianxin pointed at Ye Yuwei's cheek.

"It's nothing. I accidentally hit my head," Ye Yuwei shook her head and whispered.

"You are really amazing. You actually hit your head with a palm print on your face. Don't get near that woman moving forward. You are too kind and might get framed easily." Ouyang Xianxin stripped off her lie.

Ye Yuwei suddenly felt that she could hardly swallow the food in her mouth. Xiao Yaojing had just started her new job. Where else could Ye Yuwei go? Where could she hide?

"Oh yeah, let me tell you something." Ouyang Xianxin put down the chopsticks and showed Ye Yuwei the conversation with her daughter.

"Look at this."

Slightly stunned, Ye Yuwei took over the phone. A picture of a wrecked store with glass debris scattered around appeared before her eyes. It was a total mess and Ye Yuwei knew the building very well.

"Bai Yuyan's store?"

"Exactly." Ouyang Xianxin took back her phone.

"My daughter went for a piano class nearby Bai Yuyan's store. She saw this when she went for lunch with my husband just now."

"Someone wrecked Bai Yuyan's store?" Ye Yuwei could not believe the thing she had just seen.

"Yes. My daughter saw dozens of men in suits rush in and tear down the building. Nobody knows who the owner actually messed with." Ouyang Xianxin shrugged.

Ye Yuwei buried into contemplation as she continued eating.

'I am afraid that the building can never be used again. Bai Yuyan just returned to China. Who could she have messed with?'

"Fortunately, you rejected her loan application. Or else, she might not be able to repay the loan." Ouyang Xianxin said with a smile on her face.

Ye Yuwei smiled back at her and still pondering over the whole incident.

"They just smashed the store? How about the jewelry?" Bursting with curiosity, Ye Yuwei asked.

"I didn't ask her about this. Even if the jewelry is still there, it's still a big loss. Look. What goes around comes around. She is an eyesore to me all this while as she had always been bullying others just because of her social status."

Ye Yuwei did not utter a word. The corner of her lips lifted slightly. She had been a light eater recently because of morning sickness. Ouyang Xianxin advised her to have more meals a day, but less food at each, for the sake of her child.

Ye Yuwei was still deep in thought, wondering was the one who wrecked the building.