The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 249

Chapter 249: He Did Not Know How to Respond

Once again, Ye Yuwei was summoned by Gu Juexi to Gu Enterprise in the afternoon. This time, she was not tasked to copy the agreement but to work on the financial report of Gu Enterprise in Gu Juexi's room.

'Gosh. CEO, are you still not bored with this?' PA Wen was rendered speechless.

PA Wen told Gue Juexi that perhaps what Ye Yuwei needed the most was company, even without doing anything. Hence, Gu Juexi asked Ye Yuwei to see him in his room.

No one else was capable of coming up with such an awkward idea except Gu Juexi.

Knowing that Gu Juexi wanted to see her again, Ye Yuwei lost it. She simply did not know what Gu Juexi was after.

Although the second capital project was much easier and Ye Yuwei need not to spend much time on it, she had yet to solve the source of fund issue.

'Gu Juexi really needs me to handle the financial report?'

"No one else could do this in Gu Enterprise's finance department?" Apparently, Ye Yuwei did not want to stay there.

Gu Juexi raised his head to look at Ye Yuwei. Naturally, he felt better looking at her angry face.

"They are working on the second capital project." Gu Juexi leaned back on the chair with his fingers interlocked and gave her a reason that he was very satisfied with.

Both Ye Yuwei and PA Wen were rendered speechless.

Apparently, PA Wen was convinced but not Ye Yuwei. She felt that Gu Juexi was not reliable and stared at PA Wen in his eyes.

Naturally, PA Wen would never tell her that all the staff in the finance department were rookies. Since Gu Juexi had told her about the project, he could only continue with Gu Juexi's lie.

"Yes, as it is a large capital project, we need staff from the finance department to help in the diamond development. Hence, the finance department is shorthanded," PA Wen said without missing a beat.

In fact, there were still three employees in the finance department who were just sitting idle.

"Gu Enterprise is running out of budget for recruits?" Ye Yuwei asked incisively.

PA Wen was caught between two fires but could still remain composed. It was Gue Juexi that had dug himself into a hole, but PA Wen was the one who had to come to his rescue.

"Currently, we have not found the right candidate. Moreover, some accounts should not be handled by new joiners. So, we can only ask for your assistance." PA Wen made up a story with a solemn look.

Ye Yuwei was still dubious of his words. However, PA Wen did not seem to be lying.

"Can I take it back to the bank?" Ye Yuwei asked.

Hearing her words, Gue Juexi's face darkened.

"That's so much hassle. I have prepared a table for Mrs. Gu. Why don't you just stay here? Moreover, the weather is hot outside. It's not convenient for Mrs. Gu to go back and forth to the bank." PA Wen hurriedly answered.

Ye Yuwei furrowed her brow. She did not want to stay in the same room as Gu Juexi.

"Alright. Then get me a room outside, a room that is far away from here."

PA Wen was rendered speechless and did not know how to respond.

Bang! Gu Juexi slammed the pen on the table.

'CEO, you are the one who did not explain your real intention. You just can't blame anyone. However, even if you explain it to her, she might run away faster.'

PA Wen's heart skipped a beat. He felt miserable but at the same time, an inexplicable excitement bubbled within himself.

Standing at the side, Ye Yuwei was also shocked by Gu Juexi's sudden movement.