The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 257

Chapter 257: She Is Dumping You

Gu Juexi took a napkin to wipe the blood off Ye Yuwei's lips. "Tell me, what did Cheng Jie say to you?"

Ye Yuwei had no idea why Gu Juexi insisted knowing what Cheng Jie said to her. Just to avoid Gu Juexi doing anything crazy again, Ye Yuwei answered impatiently, "He asked who is more capable between you and him. Happy now?"

"What did you answer?" asked Gu Juexi with a straight face after hearing what Ye Yuwei said. Ye Yuwei could tell that Gu Juexi was serious about this conversation.

"You and he do things differently. It would be unfair to answer the question," said Ye Yuwei and she nudged Gu Juexi's hand, "Can you let go of me now?"

Being satisfied with how Ye Yuwei answered Cheng Jie's question, Gu Juexi let go of Ye Yuwei so that she could continue cooking and went to the study.

On his way to the study, Gu Juexi wondered how the kitchen did not go up in flames when Ye Yuwei handled it.

After entering the study, Gu Juexi shut the door and sat in front of his computer. He switched the computer on and entered into a black page. 

[Fox: Cheng Jie has already tested Ye Yuwei. He confirmed it himself that the relationship between me and Ye Yuwei deteriorated.

Smile: Because your relationship with her really has deteriorated. Tsk tsk, a fox that was dumped by his wife.

Fox: Are you bored?

Smile: I was just stating a fact. Ye Yuwei looked pretty serious this time, she is dumping you.]

Gu Juexi was blue in the face as he looked at their conversation, because Yu Sha'er once said the same exact thing.

The Yu siblings were just equally annoying.

[Fox: I will bring Ye Yuwei away for a while. Inject the illegal funds into Gu Enterprise while I'm away.

Smile: Okay.]

Gu Juexi switched off the computer after he got Yu Jiangqing's reply and stared blankly at the ceiling while leaning back on his chair.

'Ye Yuwei is dumping you.

'She is dumping you.'

Why was the whole world going against him?

That woman belonged to him and only him.

No one was taking her away from him!

Although not knowing why, Ye Yuwei was quite satisfied that Gu Juexi brought her to this apartment. At least she would not have to face the old mistress here.

She understood how the old mistress felt about her. Too bad she was not the Ye Yuwei that she used to be, and she was done pleasing people for Gu Juexi's sake.

From now on, she would put in effort only for those who did the same to her. She would stop caring for those who would not appreciate her.

Gu Juexi came out from the study when dinner was ready. He felt bitter looking at the four dishes and even soup on the table.

Within less than half an hour, Ye Yuwei made a feast and cleaned the kitchen.

Was the kitchen picking on him? Why did it behave so well with Ye Yuwei?

Ye Yuwei had no idea why Gu Juexi suddenly looked so emotional. She sat down and dug in without serving rice to Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei speechlessly and remembered what Yu Jiangqing said to him.

So Ye Yuwei was ignoring him completely now? How infuriating!

Gu Juexi's cell phone rang just when he was about to act up—someone from Gu Mansion called. Although not very happy with the interruption, Gu Juexi picked up his phone.

"The old mistress asked about you, Young Master. Why aren't you back for dinner?" asked Butler Kim carefully.