The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 263

Chapter 263: How Could You Be So Stupid?

Ye Yuwei laughed softly. Her hands were still balled in tight fists.

"Look! One can never do anything wrong for their whole life. If you make a mistake, regardless of the initial intention, there is no way back."

Ye Yuwei loosened her grip. Her fingernails punctured her palms and left them covered with streaks of blood.

Standing next to Ye Yuwei, Lu Qichuan's was heart was filled with grief. His arm was outstretched, wanting to stroke her shoulder, but he quickly retracted it.

"Regardless, thanks for coming over to help me. I've got to go." Ye Yuwei turned her head and looked at Lu Qichuan.

"Where are you going?" Lu Qichuan suddenly asked, but he knew that he had crossed the line when he said that.

"It's too late. Let me send you back." Ye Yuwei merely shook her head. She just wanted to be alone.

"Don't worry about me. I am going back to Yaojing's place. I will be fine. If you are going to the hospital, tell Gu Juexi that I will wait for him at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow." Ye Yuwei left as soon as she finished her words.

Watching Ye Yuwei leave, Lu Qichuan could not help but heave a sigh. Gu Juexi would never go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

It was fortunate that Xiao Yaojing had given Ye Yuwei her house key. When Ye Yuwei reached Xiao Yaojing's house, she gave PA Wen a call.

At this time, PA Wen had just finished his work and texted Xiao Yaojing the information she wanted to know about Lu Qichuan.

Seeing Ye Yuwei's phone call, PA Wen was burning with curiosity.

"Hello, Mistress." PA Wen answered the call graciously.

Ye Yuwei did not correct PA Wen. She was exhausted with the things that happened recently. She was always the one at fault no matter what she did.

"PA Wen, can you do me a favor?" Ye Yuwei asked as she leaned against the headboard.

"Please tell," PA Wen answered.

"I know you are the one who handles everything that Gu Juexi wants to do. If he asks you to destroy Yaojing's career, can you reject it?" Yuwei asked in a low voice. PA Wen was her last hope.

Stunned, PA Wen knew that something must have gone wrong.

"Mistress, did something happen?" PA Wen asked with curiosity.

"Can you promise me? Please, I beg you," Ye Yuwei did not answer his question and continued begging him. She was completely exhausted.

PA Wen felt bad for Ye Yuwei as he could clearly feel her helplessness.

"Mistress, I really want to help you. However, if I do so, it would only worsen the entire situation when CEO knows of this. Unless Miss Xiao is no longer staying in B City," PA Wen told her earnestly.

"Alright. Thanks anyway." Ye Yuwei hung up the phone and looked outside the window.

'Ye Yuwei, you are such a fool! You are not even capable of leaving.'

Listening to the disconnected tone on his phone, PA Wen felt a throbbing pain on his temples. He knew that something dreadful must have happened in the last few hours.