The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 264

Chapter 264: You Are the One Who Chased Her Away

When PA Wen was still contemplating, his phone rang.

This time, it was Gu Juexi. PA Wen heaved a sigh. He knew that he could not have a good rest tonight.

"Yes, CEO." PA Wen was changing his clothes when answering the call.

"Go to Gu Mansion now and keep an eye on Ye Yuwei…"

"There is no need. Ye Yuwei is not in Gu Mansion. She went to Xiao Yaojing's place. She wants me to tell you that she will see you at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow."


Hearing the loud noise on the other side of the phone, PA Wen felt lucky that he was not at the spot when those things happened this afternoon.

'But what about tomorrow? Oh, poor me!'

Gu Juexi had already hung up the phone. Although PA Wen did not know what had actually happened, he went out to look for Ye Yuwei. He was worried about Ye Yuwei. As Gu Juexi's had a weakness for Ye Yuwei, he must make sure that Ye Yuwei was safe and sound.

At this time in the hospital, Lu Qichuan was being pressed against the wall by Gu Juexi. Blood oozed from the corner of Lu Qichuan's lips.

"Lu Qichuan, if you continue this, you are no longer my comrade," Gu Juexi snarled viciously.

The corners of Lu Qichuan's lips lifted slightly as he wiped the blood off his lips.

"Brother Gu, you still don't get it? You are the one who chased her away." Lu Qichuan looked at Gu Juexi who stood before his eyes.

"She is my wife. Stay away from her."

"But you deny the truth that she bears your child. The whole world can doubt her but not you. You don't trust her. It's a fatal blow to her," Lu Qichuan pushed Gu Juexi's hands away as he said.

"She is waiting for you to clear the air. It's you who gave others the chance to insult her."

Lu Qichuan's words were straightforward and struck Gu Juexi at his weak point. Gu Juexi's face suddenly darkened, as if there was a storm brewing internally.

Seeing Gu Juexi's face, Bai Yuyan was afraid that he would be awakened by Lu Qichuan's words and realize his own feelings toward Ye Yuwei.

"Brother Gu, Brother Gu. Stop fighting. Why don't we wait for Grandma to come out first?"

Lu Qichuan looked at Bai Yuyan and the corners of his lips slightly lifted again.

"Ye Yuyan… Oh yeah, I should say Bai Yuyan."

Bai Yuyan was jolted by Lu Qichuan's enigmatic smile and subconsciously took a few steps backward.

"I've always wanted to thank Brother Gu. If it wasn't you who found me, I would have died many years ago." Bai Yuyan emphasized on the word 'found' and her eyes were still fixed on Gu Juexi's face. Only when she noticed that Gu Juexi was not paying attention to her words was she relieved.

Lu Qichuan looked at Gu Juexi that was still gloomy with a forced smile.

"I have done my part. It's your choice whether you want to go tomorrow. I've got to go."

Just as Gu Juexi wanted to say something, the door of the emergency room suddenly opened

Madame Gu suffered a myocardial infarction. It was lucky that she was sent to the hospital just in time.

"Madame Gu is old. Don't make her angry again," the doctor said in a loud voice and signaled the medical officers to send Madame Gu back to the ward.

As soon as Gu Juexi knew that Madame Gu was safe, he clenched his fists and left the hospital to look for Ye Yuwei.