The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Guess What?

"Brother Gu, Grandma is still unconscious," Bai Yuyan hurriedly reminded Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi paused in his steps and turned to look at Bai Yutan. His gaze was icy cold which sent a chill up her spine.

"Don't you dare sow discord between us. If you badmouth Ye Yuwei again, I would tear the building down each time you set up a studio. If you mess with me again, I would make sure no one would dare to engage you in future." Gu Juexi strode out of the hospital as soon as he finished his words.

Hearing his words, color drained from Bai Yuyan's face. Her eyes were blazing with hatred.

"What is so good about Ye Yuwei? Why would everyone take her side? All of this is supposed to be mine." Bai Yuyan was burning with jealousy but had quickly regained her composure and walked into Madame Gu's ward with her high heels.

At this time, PA Wen was talking to Ye Yuwei at the balcony. Ye Yuwei was drinking water while PA Wen was drinking beer that he brought along with him.

"Let's have a talk since we have the same fate." Ye Yuwei was surprised to see PA Wen bringing beers to her place. PA Wen's words were full of grief. Ye Yuwei could not help but take pity on him and let him enter the house.

The weather was good tonight. It would have been a great day if nothing had happened in the afternoon.

Before Ye Yuwei could finish a glass of water, PA Wen had finished several bottles of beers.

"The most competent PA in B City—why would you turned down an offer for a CEO position with an annual income of millions of dollars?" Ye Yuwei asked curiously.

"Can we not talk about CEO?" PA Wen laughed softly.

"Oh, forget it then." Ye Yuwei lowered her eyes.

PA Wen took in a mouthful of beer—his hands held onto the handrail as he gazed into the distance.

"Do you know what my parents do for a living?" PA Wen suddenly asked.

Burning with curiosity, Ye Yuwei shook her head.

"My dad was a courier." PA Wen put down the bottle in his hand and turned to look at Ye Yuwei as soon as he finished his words.

"My mom was a farmer and my dad was a courier in a small town. My dad worked day and night to get me enrolled in college. During my third year of college, a fire broke out at the courier store so a lot of parcels burned to the ground. My dad was severely injured—hit by a large crowd that thronged the store, wanting to claim their parcels. Not only that, we still have to pay the losses they suffered." PA Wen lowered his head, his eyes turning red.

"And then?" Ye Yuwei was rooted to the spot in shock as she listened to PA Wen.

"Gu Enterprise was a profitable startup for about two years back then. I was hired as CEO's PA in the first batch of interns." PA Wen chuckled in a low voice.

"CEO is not good in expressing himself. After that fire, I was thinking to stop studying to earn money for my dad's medical fees and repay the debts. I was just twenty years old back then and had a great deal of self-esteem. I even rejected CEO's money."

Ye Yuwei could imagine Gu Juexi's ego when he wanted to lend PA Wen money.

"After that, my dad was discharged from the hospital because I had run out of money. I found a job in a construction site after I completed my internship at Gu Enterprise. I had no choice but to sell blood for money, just like what you did. Guess what?" PA Wen said as he laughed.