The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Its Worthwhile Working With Him For The Rest Of My Life

"Gu Juexi just watched." Ye Yuwei knew Gu Juexi very well. That was the thing Gu Juexi did when she sold her blood.

PA Wen suddenly burst into laughter.

"You are right. He just stood by my side. His annoying face was as if telling me that even if I sold all my blood, I won't have enough money for my dad's medical fee." PA Wen was imitating Gu Juexi.

They shared the same fate. Ye Yuwei took a slow, thoughtful sip of water.

"At the end, I no longer rejected CEO's assistance but I did make an agreement to repay the debt. When I sent money home, my mom told me that the debts and medical fees were all paid off." PA Wen turned to look at Ye Yuwei.

"CEO has always been like that." 

It was a warm midsummer night. Ye Yuwei held the glass in her hand.

"Since then, I decided to work for him for the rest of my life. It's worthwhile." PA Wen finished the beer in his hand as soon as he finished his words.

"I told him that I will stop studying and work for him to repay his loan. But he told me that I am illiterate and of no use to him. It's because of him that I was able to complete my master's degree. Everyone knows that CEO is hot-tempered and not good at expressing himself." PA Wen put down the bottle and a faint smile appeared on his face.

"CEO is hot-tempered but actually, he is…" PA Wen raised his head to look at Ye Yuwei.

Ding ding! The doorbell rang.

"Ye Yuwei, open the door…"

"Gosh, CEO is here?" PA Wen flew into a great panic resembling a rabbit in shock. He even looked down from the balcony as if to check if he would be fine jumping down the building.

"You would die if you jump off." Looking at PA Wen's frightened face, Ye Yuwei said coolly.

PA Wen slapped his own face. Gu Juexi would kick him down the building regardless of the reason if he knew that PA Wen was currently inside the house.

"Ye Yuwei, open the door." The person stood outside the door was burning with rage as he snarled.

Beads of cold sweat covered PA Wen's forehead. Apparently, PA Wen was truly afraid of Gu Juexi.

"Wen Tao."

Stunned, PA Wen's hands shook violently and the bottle in his hand fell to the ground—PA Wen forgot about his car that was parked in the building.

"Misstress, am I insured for personal accidents?" PA Wen asked sorrowfully.

"Don't you think that I need it more?" Ye Yuwei merely scoffed.

'You're wrong. CEO can't bear to hurt you. But he would definitely hit me.' PA Wen thought to himself.

However, they had to open the door. Therefore, PA Wen bit the bullet and walked toward the door.

At this time, Ye Yuwei was still standing at the balcony, enjoying the warm wind blowing on her face.

PA Wen checked himself through the mirror and opened the door carefully. Before the door was fully pushed opened, Gu Juexi had pulled the door from outside.

"CEO." PA Wen subconsciously took a step back.

Gu Juexi merely frowned smelling the alcohol in PA Wen's breath.