The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Divorce?

Watching Gu Juexi leave, the corners of Ye Yuwei's lips lifted slightly. She put down the glass after finishing the water and walked into her bedroom.

At this time in a luxurious club of B City, Cheng Jie was lying prone on the bed, enjoying a massage. A long-haired beauty was sitting on his back with a pair of long and slender hands, sweeping through his body. A bodyguard in black attire was standing next to him.

"I never expected for Gu Juexi to act like a lovesick fool."

The corners of his lips lifted slightly. The man on the bed was Cheng Jie. He was the real Cheng Jie that had met Ye Yuwei in the afternoon.

Cheng Jie took the wine glass on the bedside, took a sip, and put the glass back as he waved his hand at the woman sitting on his back.

The woman got up obediently and helped Cheng Jie put on his bathrobe. The fiery red fox tattoo on Cheng Jie's back was extremely lifelike and ferocious. One would be frightened by the tattoo at first sight.

Cheng Jie sat down after putting on the bathrobe. His blue eyes were glittering enigmatically under the light.

"Tell Yu Jiangqing that this is the right time. Ye Yuwei has no time to check the details of the source of funds." Cheng Jie told the man beside him. The man merely nodded and went out to make a phone call.

Cheng Jie took the cigar from the woman's hand, put it in his mouth, and start puffing with joy. Presently, the only thing he needed to do was to wait for Gu Juexi to step into his trap. Cheng Jie wanted to show Gu Juexi that he would be the same kind of person like him one day later. If he was capable of subverting Yu Jiangqing, he could do the same to Gu Juexi.

After the woman handed Cheng Jie a cigar, she picked up the phone that had been vibrating on the table and put it in Cheng Jie's hand.

"It's Madame Bai."

"It's so rare for Sister Ying to call me. Are you afraid I've found something that I am not supposed to know?" Grinning, Cheng Jie answered the phone.

"I am just reminding you that it is father's memorial next month." Her tone was indifferent and hung up the phone as soon as she finished her words.

The smile on Cheng Jie's face faded instantly before the phone hung up and in the next second, he threw his phone away.

"Bai Ying, I will get everything that I want soon."

Gu Juexi stayed in the hospital the whole night as Madame Gu did not want him to leave.

The next morning, Ye Yuwei went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. She would still be there even if Gu Juexi does not show up.

She watched as people went in and out of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Some went in happily for marriage certificates while some were scolding at each other and went their separate ways, coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

At this time, Gu Juexi was sitting in the car not far away, looking at Ye Yuwei. He had never thought of getting off the car.

'Divorce? In your dreams.'

Not long after, a man could be seen walking toward Ye Yuwei. It was Cheng Jie! Gu Juexi subconsciously turned around but quickly held back the urge to get out the car.

'He finally showed up.' His eyes were still fixated upon Cheng Jie.

Ye Yuwei was waiting for Gu Juexi and did not expect to see Cheng Jie.

"Mrs. Gu, why are you here?" Cheng Jie stood before Ye Yuwei with a bright smile on his face.

"Mr. Cheng." Ye Yuwei got up and nodded her head. Her gaze locked directly into his eyes.

"Why do you look nervous each time you see me?" Cheng Jie merely smiled.

"Oh really?" Ye Yuwei subconsciously took a step back to maintain a regular social distance.