The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 271

Chapter 271: You Met Mr. Cheng This Morning?

'Ye Shu? This name is so familiar but I just can't recall.' Gu Juexi was still puzzling over Cheng Jie's words.

On the way back. PA Wen informed Gu Juexi via his phone that Gu Juexi was invited for the Physicist's academic conference at the neighboring province. Gu Juexi had always refused to attend such activities.

"If CEO doesn't want to attend, I will reject it," PA Wen said.

"I will go. Get me two invitation cards. Mrs. Gu will attend together with me."

'Are you sure Mrs. Gu wants to attend?' PA Wen was rendered speechless.

"Alright." PA Wen knew Gu Juexi very well. Gu Juexi would force Ye Yuwei to go.

When Ye Yuwei returned to the bank, Ouyang Xianxin was looking for her.

"It's great that you are back. Mr. Cheng from Bo Shen Enterprise gave us a call. He wants to check the progress of the second batch of funds as he needs a large capital for the development of the diamond mine." Ouyang Xianxin informed Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei put down her canvas bag and turned on the computer before she could change her clothes.

"The development of the diamond mine was not stated in the first batch of funds. It should be stated in the second batch of funds, shouldn't it?"

"I posed the same question to Mr. Cheng but he said there is an emergency in the diamond mine and Mr. Gu is aware of this." Ouyang Xianxin merely shrugged.

"When did Mr. Cheng call?" At this time, Ye Yuwei had received the email from Gu Enterprise.

"Half an hour ago."

"Half an hour ago?" Ye Yuwei was slightly stunned and subconsciously looked at her watch. Was she not with Cheng Jie half an hour ago? That's strange!

"In other words, eighty percent from the second batch of funds will be spent on developing the diamond mine?" Ye Yuwei asked.

"Yuwei, you are right. But 1.6 billion dollars is too huge for us to handle. Gu Enterprise will set up a designated team to work on this project." Ouyang Xianxin pressed her hands against Ye Yuwei's table.

"I still feel that something is wrong." Ye Yuwei raised her head to look at Ouyang Xianxin.

"I agree with you. I have discussed this with my husband. It is impossible that there is no error in the big data. There is always the probability of having gray income as it's extremely hard to produce an error-free big data. Many people would leverage on this to go around the law."

Ye Yuwei bit her lip as she listened to Ouyang Xianxin.

"Perhaps he does not mean to bypass the law. I asked Mr. Cheng this morning. He told me clearly that there must be gray income in the business world."

"You met him? Why didn't he tell you directly but called us instead?" Ouyang Xianxin was baffled hearing Ye Yuwei.

"The project agreement has been submitted for notarization. Hence, the only thing we can do now is to minimize the gray income to an acceptable level." Ye Yuwei heaved a sigh as she said.