The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Bai Yuyan's Straightforwardness

"Yes, and we better make sure that it is done or Mr. Gu could be sent to jail," Ouyang Xianxin sighed and said.

'Gu Juexi, sent to jail?'

'Fat chance! This man is as sly as a fox.'

Ye Yuwei changed into her uniform after Ouyang Xianxin left and called Mike to ask for the latest documents for the project.

Meanwhile in the office building of Gu Enterprise, Gu Juexi appeared to be in a good mood and no one knew why.

He did not mean to keep an eye on Ye Yuwei. He only did so because they were entering the final stage of their battle with Cheng Jie and they could not afford anything to go wrong. So he injected a microchip under Ye Yuwei's skin—for him to know of her whereabouts at any time.

PA Wen knocked and entered Gu Juexi's office. "Chief Song is here, CEO."

Gu Juexi put down his phone and looked at Song Helian coming into his office, and waved to indicate PA Wen to leave.

"What brings you here?" asked Gu Juexi who frowned and walked to Song Helian.

"I will track that mole Yu Jiangqing down myself if you won't do anything," yelled Song Helian.

Gu Juexi gave Song Helian a cold stare. "After you kill Yu Jiangqing then what? Cheng Jie is going to show up?"

"But…" Song Helian was so mad that he threw a punch in the air. "I can't wait to tear him into pieces! It was him who took down Xiong Jianzhong earlier. He would do anything just to take revenge—he doesn't give a crap about the law anymore!"

"I am just going to tell you the same thing again. Stay put and stop thinking about finding Yu Jiangqing. I will take care of this," said Gu Juexi as he patted Song Helian's shoulder, "Stay put, and don't do anything rash."

"I can promise you anything but this, Boss. I am just here to inform you that if you are not going to do anything about it, I will." Song Helian said and left Gu Juexi's office.

PA Wen entered the office and heard Gu Juexi curse. "Do I go and get him?" asked PA Wen.

"Leave him." Gu Juexi grunted but did not appear to be mad.

Noticing that be it comrade or wife, nothing had been going well for Gu Juexi, PA Wen began to feel sorry for him.

The old mistress had been in the hospital for a few days. Ye Yuwei would visit Auntie Mao regularly and she always made sure that she did not walk past the old mistress' ward because according to the doctor, the old mistress should not be provoked for her condition now.

So she better not be turning up in front of her.

Auntie Mao was still in a coma. But the doctor said that she was recovering well and waking up was just a matter of time.

Ye Yuwei sat down by the side of Auntie Mao's bed after thanking the doctor and held Auntie Mao's hand as she began to talk to her softly. When she heard someone entering the ward, she turned to look and saw Bai Yuyan closing the door behind her.

"Why are you here?" asked Ye Yuwei while tucking Auntie Mao in.

Bai Yuyan chuckled. "Yuwei, why do you pick on me?"

"Don't you know why?" said Ye Yuwei straightforwardly, "Are you not tired of pretending? Gu Juexi is not here, who are you pretending for?"

Ye Yuwei's words were so sharp that Bai Yuyan dropped her act. "Since you said so, I will just tell you straight that you are not compatible with Gu Juexi. Leave him yourself so it would be less embarrassing for all of us."