The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 277

Chapter 277: You Have to Collect the Documents Yourself?

Ye Yuwei returned her mother-in-law's call while going upstairs.

The person on the other end quickly answered her call and sounded worried. "Where were you? Why didn't you answer my call? I was worried sick."

"I am fine, Mom. I didn't hear my phone in the car just now," Ye Yuwei explained. 'It should be dawn in the States now. Mom must have woken up early again.'

Wen Jie felt at ease only after hearing Ye Yuwei's voice. "I am worried about you. I kept feeling anxious."

"I am really okay, Mom. You should rest," said Ye Yuwei softly to calm her mother-in-law down.

Wen Jie chuckled. "I am okay too, just that I miss you. Is Juexi home?"

Ye Yuwei looked Gu Juexi who was in the room after what Wen Jie asked. "Mom asked for you," said Ye Yuwei as she passed the phone to him, and went to the bathroom after that.

Gu Juexi raised his brows and sat down at the side of the bed. "How are you, Mom?"

"I would live longer if you can treat Yuwei better," Wen Jie sighed and said.

"What are you saying, Mom?" Gu Juexi frowned at what Wen Jie said, "Did I not treat her well?"

Knowing that her son had taken Ye Yuwei for granted, Wen Jie chuckled on the other end, and the chuckle quickly became a cough.

"Are you really okay, Mom?" asked Gu Juexi worriedly, "I will go over tomorrow."

"It's really okay, I know my body," said Wen Jie softly, and continued, "Juexi, Weiwei is a good girl. I know she could treat you well with all her heart."

Gu Juexi did not say anything but disagreed quietly. 'More like getting on my nerves with all her heart.'

Gu Juexi continued to chat with his mother while Ye Yuwei was taking a shower.

Gu Juexi kept looking at the bathroom without realizing, and his imagination ran wild in his head. He shifted his posture and continued talking to his mother.

Being able to hear the splash sound in the bathroom, Gu Juexi felt that he was on pins and needles. Hating the feeling, Gu Juexi left the room to continue being on the phone.

When Ye Yuwei was finally done, Gu Juexi together with her phone had left the room.

From how her previous encounters with Gu Juexi ended, Ye Yuwei did not bother to get her phone back and decided to rest early.

The next morning, Ye Yuwei's phone rang and woke her up. Before she could reach out for her phone, Gu Juexi already rejected the call impatiently.

Speechless, Ye Yuwei quickly got out of bed and grabbed her phone to return the call.

"Sister Xin?" Ye Yuwei yawned and said.

"Were you still asleep? Bo Shen Enterprise called. I lived quite far from their office so could you drop by to collect the documents for the second tranche?" OuYang Xianxin explained the reason she called.

Ye Yuwei checked the time. She slept so well these days that she did not realize it was already 7.

"Okay, I will drop by Bo Shen Enterprise on my way to work," Ye Yuwei replied and began to get ready for work.

Gu Juexi could not help but taunt when they were having breakfast. "Is Bo Shen Enterprise so short-handed that you have to collect the documents yourself?"