The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 279

Chapter 279: What Did I Do Wrong?

Ye Yuwei wanted to go to the bank right after she left Bo Shen Enterprise.

The sun was scorching when Ye Yuwei tried to hail a cab at a junction.

Opposite Bo Shen Enterprise was a mega mall, and it happened to be the grand opening of the mall today.

The crowd gathered at the mall made cab hailing almost impossible, so Ye Yuwei decided to go to the next junction to try her luck.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi who stormed out of the house did not go to work but followed Ye Yuwei all the way in his car. And he would not admit that how Ye Yuwei said he could not bear not seeing her for a second was true.

When Gu Juexi was going to follow Ye Yuwei to the next junction, PA Wen called to remind him that he has a flight to catch at 2.30.

"Why do you remind me of it now? Isn't 2.30 a long way to go?" asked Gu Juexi coldly.

'What did I do wrong?' asked PA Wen deep down.

Ye Yuwei was already nowhere to be seen by the time Gu Juexi put down his phone.

As if feeling Gu Juexi's rage, PA Wen who was far in his office sneezed.

Ye Yuwei was looking at a spot to hail a cab when she heard someone calling her.

"Mrs. Gu."

Ye Yuwei looked and saw Qian Yikun coming toward her from the mall.

"Mr. Qian?" Ye Yuwei called out surprisingly.

"I thought it was you so I came closer to look," Qian Yikun smiled and said, and then pointed at the mall as if explaining why he was there. "The grand opening."

"Is this Qian Feng Enterprise's sideline?" said Ye Yuwei jokingly.

"You could say so. But all credit goes to Mrs. Gu," Qian Yikun too replied jokingly, "Looks like Mrs. Gu is in a better mood now."

Ye Yuwei wondered. Was she really in a better mood now? She just got taunted again this morning. If she really were in a better mood it was probably because she could handle how Gu Juexi treated her now.

"Anyway, congrats," said Ye Yuwei with a smile, "I will get going, need to head back to work."

"What brings you here, Yikun?" Before Ye Yuwei could leave, she heard Bai Yuyan. Ye Yuwei frowned a little and in her mind was how enemies often cross each other's path.

Bai Yuyan stood beside Qian Yikun and looked at Ye Yuwei defensively. "Why are you here, Yuwei?" asked Bai Yuyan as she grabbed on Qian Yikun's arm intimately, and then smiled and said, "Yikun is busy with the grand opening today and probably can't entertain you."

"The opening ceremony is over. I can send you to the bank if you are heading there Mrs. Gu," said Qian Yikun as he pulled Bai Yuyan's hand off his arm without hesitation.

Bai Yuyan's face took on a ghastly expression and began to sound mean, "Yikun, she is Mrs. Gu after all. Isn't what you are doing quite inappropriate?" As if what she said was not enough, Bai Yuyan looked like she was worried about something and began to drag Qian Yikun away from where they were.

Ye Yuwei could tell that Bai Yuyan was jealous. How greedy of Bai Yuyan to be hitting on Gu Juexi and not let go of her ex-husband at the same time.

"It's okay. It's quite easy to hail a cab in front." Ye Yuwei turned Qian Yikun down politely.


Before Qian Yikun could finish what he wanted to say, the crowd let out a cheer.

Ye Yuwei looked to the crowd curiously and saw Qian Yikun and her appearing on the big screen in front of the mall.

Ye Yuwei did not know what to say while Qian Yikun chuckled. "Thanks to Mrs. Gu."