The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Please Dont Make Yourself a Casanova

"What?" asked Ye Yuwei curiously when a staff member ran toward them with a box in his hand.

"Congratulations to Mr. Qian and this lady who just won our prize today—a pair of couple rings designed and sponsored by Miss Bai!" The staff announced enviously.

Ye Yuwei's mind went blank for a moment, and then understood why Bai Yuyan wanted to drag Qian Yikun away earlier. She looked at Bai Yuyan being blue in the face and felt her mood get even better.

When Ye Yuwei thought about it again, from how she had to go Bo Shen Enterprise to collect the documents and how Qian Yikun's mall was having their grand opening on the same day, it was obvious that Bai Yuyan has plotted to frame her here.

Just imagine what would happen if Gu Juexi saw her and Qian Yikun winning the couple ring.

But why would Cheng Jie listen to Bai Yuyan? Or, why would Cheng Jie help Bai Yuyan to frame her?

"You are so lucky, Yuwei," said Bai Yuyan, "This is my latest couple ring design, it is not even launched yet! But would Juexi be mad if you wear couple ring with Yikun?"

Ye Yuwei looked at Bai Yuyan pretending and did not say a word.

Qian Yikun took over the box from the staff and handed it over to Ye Yuwei. "Keep it since it's a prize."

Ye Yuwei looked at the box holding the diamond rings but did not take it.

"I don't need couple rings anyway. Why not Mr. Qian keep it for your future half?" Ye Yuwei suggested, and immediately regret what she said and looked apologetically at Qian Yikun. Apparently it was not a good idea for Qian Yikun to give his future half a ring that was designed by Bai Yuyan who was his ex-wife.

The two of them who were most unsuitable for the rings were actually chosen.

'What a play, Bai Yuyan.'

Just when Ye Yuwei and Qian Yikun did not know what to do with the rings, Gu Juexi showed up out of nowhere, grabbed the rings from Qian Yikun's hand and threw them into a dustbin not far away.

Ye Yuwei looked at the man who pulled her into his arms.

"Gu Juexi…"

'Doesn't he think what he did was too much?'

But Gu Juexi did not look at her, and was looking at Qian Yikun instead. "Choose something with more taste for prizes next time," Gu Juexi said and left together with Ye Yuwei, leaving Qian Yikun and Bai Yuyan whose face turned pale after what he said behind.

What did he mean? The rings that she designed had no taste? She was a world-known jewelry designer, how dare he say things like that?

Qian Yikun squinted, and remained smiling even though what Gu Juexi just did was quite insulting.

Ye Yuwei flung Gu Juexi's arms off her right after they got out from the crowd and began to yell at him angrily. "Don't you think what you did was too much, Gu Juexi? How could you insult someone like that in front of a crowd?"

"What I did was too much?" Gu Juexi sneered. "And how Mrs. Gu receiving a couple ring with another man in front of a crowd was not too much?"

He was insanely mad, okay?

She was his wife, Gu Juexi's wife.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and looked at the man standing in front of her who was so furious. "Please don't make yourself a Casanova."