The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 281

Chapter 281: So What If I Like You?

Gu Juexi held on Ye Yuwei's arm when she was storming off and went in front of her. "I dare you to say it again."

"Did I say it wrong? Gu Juexi, you wouldn't care about how people feel and you never will," Ye Yuwei said and flung his hand off her again. 

"What about you then? Lu Qichuan, Cheng Jie, and now Qian Yikun. Ye Yuwei, did I underestimate you?" Gu Juexi clenched on Ye Yuwei's arms and roared at her, "Did you fake your deep love? Can't be bothered to fake it anymore now that I am spending time with you?"

A slap rang in the air before Gu Juexi could finish what he wanted to say. Ye Yuwei's eyes had turned red but she forced herself not to cry.

"You really are shameless, Gu Juexi."

He could choose not to love her, but he had no right to deny the fact that she used to love him whole-heartedly.

Gu Juexi got slapped so hard that his face felt numb. It was the second time that Ye Yuwei slapped him. Great! Just great!

Ye Yuwei was going to leave after she slapped him, but Gu Juexi carried her on his shoulders and walked to his car.

"Let go of me, I said let go of me!" Ye Yuwei shouted, but no one dared to help her out simply because it was Gu Juexi who was carrying her.

Qian Yikun wanted to help Ye Yuwei out but was held back by Bai Yuyan. "That's her husband, what are you going to do about it?"

Qian Yikun pulled Bai Yuyan's hand off him. "Do you know what you are doing grosses me out?" Qian Yikun said to Bai Yuyan and left.

"You…" Bai Yuyan was blue in the face. Why was everyone standing by that woman's side? But at least she did what she wanted to do. Gu Juexi could not be still helping Ye Yuwei this time.

Gu Juexi carried Ye Yuwei into his car. Ye Yuwei tried to get away from Gu Juexi but to no avail, and began to yell that her stomach hurts. Before Gu Juexi could react, Ye Yuwei kicked at him and tried to get out of the car when Gu Juexi dodged. To her surprise, Gu Juexi was way faster than her and he grabbed on her before she could leave.

Again she tried to struggle but to no avail, so all she could do was to stare at him angrily.

Gu Juexi clamped down on Ye Yuwei at the backseat while avoiding her stomach and told her to keep quiet.

"You let go of me!" Ye Yuwei shouted.

They stared at each other—neither was giving in. 

Ye Yuwei hated that he always accused her of something she did do, and Gu Juexi hated that there were so many men going after her and she always smiled at them.

Ye Yuwei was exhausted from struggling, and gave up trying when her stomach really began to feel sore.

Gu Juexi let go of Ye Yuwei after she stopped struggling, and rested his hand on her legs. "Don't get too close with other men. I don't like it," said Gu Juexi as he suddenly gripped on Ye Yuwei's legs so hard that as if he was going to break them just like that.

Ye Yuwei's heart pounded at what Gu Juexi said but she forced it to calm down.

"Don't say things like that, Mr. Gu. I would think that you like me." Ye Yuwei sneered.

He liked her?

Gu Juexi squinted at the woman under him.

He thought he was going mad when he heard that she won a couple ring with another man.

So… he liked her?

Realizing the fact that he liked Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi suddenly did not know how to react.

"So what if I like you?"

Gu Juexi roared his confession at Ye Yuwei, and successfully frightened her.