The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Strangely Feeling Slightly Sour

"Pfft." Xiao Yaojing passed all her luggage to PA Wen, then asked, "You said it like you especially came all the way here to pick me up. Why did Ye Zi follow that womanizer to the province for?"

PA Wen smiled and kept quiet. The CEO's flight was at 1 p.m noon. Since he was still at the airport, was it not clear that he was here because of her return?

"That's right, Mr. Lu is having a court case near your place today. If you head over now, you might be able to catch him once he's done," PA Wen mentioned. He did not dare to mention that the young mistress was abducted by the CEO. Otherwise, it was certain that Xiao Yaojing would kill him with one kick.

As for now, the thing that can divert Xiao Yaojing's attention were matters regarding Lu Qichuan.

Yes, he was that smart.

As they went outside, PA Wen transferred Xiao Yaojing's luggage into the car boot. Xiao Yaojing had already entered the car.

"What are you waiting for then? Let's hurry there."

As expected, Xiao Yaojing had already forgotten about the matter with Ye Yuwei's departure.

PA Wen grinned slightly and applauded his own intelligence.

Although he was smart, he was strangely feeling sour in his heart.

PA Wen sent Xiao Yaojing over and helped her with her luggage. Xiao Yaojing said her thanks and proceeded to take a shower as she was going to meet Lu Qichuan in a bit.

"The luggage is at the front door. I shall take my leave now."

PA Wen did not enter. He only placed the luggage at the entrance and promptly decided to close the door and leave.

"Okay," Xiao Yaojing replied and hummed happily as she went off to take a shower.

Wen Tao slightly exhaled and placed the luggage properly. He made sure to close the door properly before turning around to leave.

Lu Qichuan was helping a client with a commercial court case today. Therefore, there were not many tedious matters for him to handle. After the court case had ended, it was slightly over three in the afternoon.

As Lu Qichuan was leaving the court, he spotted Xiao Yaojing who was walking toward him from the court's entrance.

Xiao Yaojing saw Lu Qichuan had come out and hurriedly rushed over.

"You're really here. I thought Wen Tao was lying to me."

Lu Qichuan raised his brow slightly and passed the documents in his hands to his assistant.

"You came back from a business trip?"

"Of course, I had to. I came to find you as soon as I came back. Are you touched?" Xiao Yaojing smiled as she asked.

Lu Qichuan laughed at her childishness. Because of his relationship with Ye Yuwei, Lu Qichuan had been treating Xiao Yaojing well.

"Yuwei would be very happy once she knows that you're back."

Lu Qichuan dismissed his assistant and walked down the stairs with Xiao Yaojing.

"She went to Lin Province with Gu Juexi. I'm not sure what that man-whore brought her there for."

Xiao Yaojinh's resentment was unstoppable whenever she mentioned Gu Juexi.

Lu Qichuan softly chuckled.

"Since you just got back, I'll treat you to a meal as a welcome for coming back."

"Sure!" Xiao Yaojing beamed as she spoke.

From a short distance, PA Wen saw how Xiao Yaojing was smiling hard while next to Lu Qichuan. He unknowingly smiled along. After he saw that they had left, PA Wen only started up the car to head back to the office to handle some matters.

He stayed as he was concerned that Lu Qichuan might be occupied and had no time to accompany her. After witnessing that scene, he figured was not needed anymore.

Ye Yuwei woke up from her sleep as the plane landed at Lin Province. Gu Juexi was still reading his document, as if he had maintained that same posture while she was asleep. She was not sure what this person was reading with so much focus.

Ye Yuwei sat up but Gu Juexi did not raise his head. He lifted the glass of milk beside him and gave it to her.

"Drink up."

Ye Yuwei lowered her head and furrowed her brows.

Gu Juexi finally shifted his gaze. He looked Ye Yuwei who still had not taken the glass of milk. He wanted to say something nice but what came out from his mouth contained something awfully spiteful.

"You can't understand human language now?"