The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Is this a Coincidence?

Ye Yuwei stretched her hand toward the glass and took it. This guy really could not speak compassionately.

She drank the milk and got off the plane. There were already some people waiting for them.

"Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu."

There were around forty people who came to pick them up. They were dressed in western suits and looked like they were in some leadership position.

As the two got into the car, Ye Yuwei eventually spotted that there was a driver in the car. The person who received them sat at the front row passenger seat.

"Dr. Wu had arrived four hours ago. He is waiting for you at the hotel Mr. Gu," that person spoke once more.

Dr. Wu.

It was Ye Yuwei's second time hearing this name.

Gu Juexi was chatting with that person and Ye Yuwei could not understand a single thing. After all, she was just kidnapped by him.

Once the car arrived at the hotel, Gu Juexi brought Ye Yuwei along to take the room key. He had Ye Yuwei sent to the room to rest first, then only went to meet Dr. Wu.

Ye Yuwei was alone in the hotel room so she made a phone call to Xiao Yaojing. She was informed that she had gone to eat with Lu Qichuan.


'Lust over humanity.'

"How come you ran off to Lin Province with the womanizer?" Xiao Yaojing asked.

She was abducted!

But could she say that?

Of course not. If she had said that, Xiao Yaojing would run over to take Gu Juexi's life the next second. Reality was, Xiao Yaojing could not possibly beat Gu Juexi.

"He's a pervert," Ye Yuwei spoke lightly.

A pervert who confessed to her?

If she had heard this sentence three years ago, she would be so happy she could fly.

But now, she could only feel sarcasm.

At this moment, at Dr. Wu's room, the corner of Gu Juexi's lips slowly curved as he heard that sentence from his earpiece.

"Gu, what's wrong?" Dr. Wu asked him curiously.

Dr. Wu was an academician in Physics and also an expert in Mathematics. He was around the age of fifty plus and French, through and through. He had a friendly relationship with Gu Juexi.

"It's nothing."

Gu Juexi took away the smile on his face. He found Ye Yuwei's angry face quite adorable.

"Dr. Wu, I want to ask about a person. Have you heard of a person named Ye Shu?"

Gu Juexi held back his emotions and placed his mental focus between himself and Dr. Wu.

"Ye Shu?"

After hearing this name, Dr. Wu became curious as well. He then asked, "How did you know him?"

"That means, you know this person?" Gu Juexi finally recollected his senses.

"He used to be a student of mine. A very gifted Chinese young man. At the age of nineteen, he had acquired a PhD in math. He also introduced many theories regarding Big Data."

Dr. Wu continued to speak with sadness in his expression, "Just that, he went missing for a woman."

"Missing?" Gu Juexi changed his sitting position to make himself look like he was relaxed.

"That's right, missing," Dr. Wu said.

"Otherwise, you would have read many of his papers today. He's a math genius."

Gu Juexi gently swirled his glass of wine. Why did Cheng Jie mention a missing math scholar to Ye Yuwei?

Ye Yuwei was also a math genius.

Was this a coincidence?

"Gu, why did you bring him up?" Dr. Wu curiously asked.

"There was someone who mentioned that this Mr. Ye Shu looks like my wife. I'm not sure whether it's true," Gu Juexi said and took out his phone. He searched for a picture which he previously would never admit taking secretly.