The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Would Everything Be Alright If I Change?

When Gu Juexi heard Ye Yuwei's words, his hands which were opening the laptop froze for a moment.

["Gu Juexi, you're back?"

"Can you stop disturbing me? It's annoying."

"Gu Juexi, I've completed my first loan today. Manager Ouyang said that I am doing very well, you see—"

Ye Yuwei, can you stop being so annoying every time?]

As such, there had only been a few moments of interaction between them, but not one was a good memory.

Gu Juexi was filled with a yearning for her that he had almost blurted out the words, "Would everything be all right if I change?"

However, when it came to his lips, these words were firmly suppressed by him.

When he said that he liked her, this woman had even scoffed at him. If these words were spoken, it would be a wonder if this woman actually believed him.

So he also wanted to save face.

Opening his laptop, the first thing he saw was the information received from Yu Jiangqing.

[Smile: The funds have been remitted.

Smile: However, there still wasn't any information regarding the woman behind Cheng Jie, Sister Ying.

Fox: Start investigating through Mike.

Smile: Did you think that I never thought about it? Mike is Cheng Jie's lackey— it's not easy to get through him.

Smile: If there was someone behind Cheng Jie, then the person who had wiped out our team back then, could have been the person behind Cheng Jie.

Fox: Who provided the information at that time?

Smile: This one, you would have to ask the senior officials. How would I know if you don't?

Smile: Wait. Are you suspecting that the news which we had received that year was fake? The person who had notified us was also fake?

Fox: I don't know. It's just a hunch.

Smile: Tsk. If so, then this would be a huge fraud indeed.

Smile: For you, entering the back-end system and finding a name, is so easy.]

When Gu Juexi saw the last sentence, he looked up subconsciously at Ye Yuwei, who was sitting on the bedside and playing with her cell phone.

Subconsciously, he did not want to investigate who was that person. If not for anything else, it was because there were just too many coincidences, and because of two words: Ye Shu.

While Ye Yuwei was being watched, she subconsciously looked over at him, but Gu Juexi just glanced at her with a lukewarm expression. He then shifted his gaze down again at the screen.


After staying at Lin Province for three days, the day to return to B City finally arrived as Ye Yuwei had hoped.

However, just as Ye Yuwei was about to return to B City, she was informed by Manager Ouyang that the second round of funds of Bo Shen Enterprise had all been remitted, and the project for the development of the diamond mine had already started yesterday. This meant that the second round of funds had been invested and utilized.

When Ye Yuwei heard the news, she was stunned for a moment. It was done within a mere timeframe of three days.

Within a mere timeframe of three days—what were those people anxious about?

On the returning flight, Ye Yuwei did not sleep. Rather, a data report was shoved onto her hands by Gu Juexi. It was the data report of Bo Shen Enterprise, but it was completely different from the one she had gotten before.

Ye Yuwei looked through the pages one by one, but when she has read no more than two pages, her back was already soaked through in cold sweat.

'These accounts, these data...'

'Obviously, they are problematic!'

"Gu Juexi, the project mustn't start." Ye Yuwei quickly flipped through the document in her hands.

As Ye Yuwei said these words, there was a clear shiver in her voice.

'This is a crime under big data.'

"The project has already started. Have you forgotten? The filing of the project documents to the Securities Regulatory Commission was done by you." Gu Juexi's voice was soft as he closed his eyes and leaned back against the chair as if trying to rest.

The project had already started. Hence, neither he nor Yu Jiangqing could retreat anymore.

The battle between Cheng Jie and him had already started from the moment Ye Yuwei stepped into the Securities Regulatory Commission.