The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 297

Chapter 297: You Are Threatening Me, Arent You?

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“Mr. Cheng, you are so generous.” Gu Juexi looked at “Cheng Jie” after hearing PA Wen.

“I am just doing what I am supposed to do.””Cheng Jie” merely shrugged.

“Ten percent.” Gu Juexi continue saying.

“Mr. Gu, you are too greedy.””Cheng Jie’s” smile faded after hearing Gu Juexi’s response.

“I am risking my life to launder such a huge fund. We will only proceed if you agree. Otherwise, we shall meet in court,” Gu Juexi said. His tone was indifferent.

“Moreover, ten percent is nothing if this fund successfully turns legitimate.”

One could hardly reject Gu Juexi as he would never allow anyone to reject him, including Ye Yuwei.

Presently, Ye Yuwei was constantly on Gu Juexi’s mind.

‘I wonder what she’s up to right now? I need to go back to keep her company later.’

“Cheng Jie” was tapping his fingers on the table when his phone rang. He quickly lowered his eyes to look at his phone on the table.

[Just agree with him]

“Cheng Jie” flipped over his phone, facing down on the table and rested his chin in his hands.

“Deal. But…”

“Uncle, are you looking for me?” before “Cheng Jie” could finish his words, Bai Yuyan’s voice sounded and the door was pushed opened.

Stepping into the room, Bai Yuyan was jolted to see Gu Juexi was in the room.

“Brother Gu, you are here? Why didn’t you pick Grandma up from the hospital?”

Gu Juexi did not spare a glance at her but Bai Yuyan paid no heed to his reaction and walked straight toward “Cheng Jie”.

“Cheng Jie” stretched his hand, signaling Bai Yuyan to sit next to him as he looked at Gu Juexi.

“I have something to trouble you with, Mr. Gu. My niece has not found a place to stay in B City yet. Since she is very close to Madame Gu, perhaps she can stay with you for some time. She can keep Madame Gu company as well by doing this.”

‘Don’t you feel disgusted when you say this?’ PA Wen thought to himself.

“It’s fine if it’s not convenient for Brother Gu. Uncle, I was just joking. Don’t take it seriously.” Sitting next to “Cheng Jie”, Bai Yuyan looked obedient and harmless.

PA Wen was rendered speechless.

‘Are you sure you were joking? One could easily feel your desperate urge to move into CEO’s house.’

“Miss Bai is still single. It may not be good for her as he may become the subject of gossip if she stays with me,” Gu Juexi put away his phone as he said.

“Mr. Gu, Don’t worry about that.””Cheng Jie” smiled.

If one listened carefully to “Cheng Jie”, one would find that his words were full of irony—what was to worry about? This woman had no dignity at all.

Gu Juexi got up after checking the time.

“Mr. Gu, if I were you, I would agree to this. After all, Mrs. Gu…”

Gu Juexi could sense the threat in “Cheng Jie’s” words and sat down again.

Seeing Gu Juexi reaction, PA Wen knew that Gu Juexi would definitely not let Bai Yuyan off easily after this issue is solved.

“You are threatening me aren’t you?” Gu Juexi said coldly.

“I dare not. But Mrs. Gu is pregnant and if anything happens to Mr. Gu now… Moreover, Mrs. Gu is the main…” Even though “Cheng Jie” did not admit it, he was definitely threating Gu Juexi.