The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 299

Chapter 299: How Is She Going To Live Her Life If I Die?

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“I cannot protect her forever. Otherwise, how is she going to live her life if I die?” Gu Juexi interjected in a low voice as if talking to himself.

PA Wen did not talk further.

Cheng Jie wanted to get a money laundering channel in China. More than ten years ago, Gu Juexi and his comrades paid dearly for stopping “Cheng Jie”. Gu Juexi had since then plotted for years to avenge his comrades. He wanted to destroy Cheng Jie and stop him from laundering money in China.

However, Cheng Jie was not easy to handle. Be it Gu Juexi or Yu Jiangqing, they were ready to perish together with Cheng Jie.

PA Wen drove quietly. Even though Ge Juexi was bad tempered, he was actually paving a path for Mistress. That was the reason Gu Juexi showed Ye Yuwei the data of the funds. He wanted Ye Yuwei to know that he was committing a crime so Ye Yuwei must stay strong and build up her strength to live her life without him by her side. It was a pity that Gu Juexi never told her.

Ye Yuwei had lost her freedom and was suffocated being placed under close scrutiny. She has no access to her phone and not was allowed to walk outside the house. Hence, she did not even want to walk out of her room.

When Ye Yuwei was still thinking for a way to break through the current control, she heard the voice of luggage moving in the house. Curious, she got up and walked out of her room.

Ye Yuwei opened the door only to see Bai Yuyan instructing the servants to move her luggage.

‘Why is she here?’

“Are you surprised to see me? I have told you that I will return. This time, it was Gu Juexi who invited me.” Beaming with pride, Bai Yuyan walked toward Ye Yuwei and stared her in her eyes.

“Really? Congratulations. You are one step closer to become Mrs. Gu.” Ye Yuwei said nonchalantly and turned to walk away.

“Hey.” Bai Yuyan was not pleased with Ye Yuwei’s reaction and did not want to let her off easily.

“Yes?” Ye Yuwei paused her step and look at Bai Yuyan.

“Ye Yuwei, you are truly good in disguising yourself. How disgusting!” Bai Yuyan took a step closer to Ye Yuwei and glared at her.

Ye Yuwei took a step back—her face was indifferent.

“Bai Yuyan, you are a master at acting. Watch your words. Madame Gu may come out from her room anytime and you might reveal your true colors.” Ye Yuwei shut the door as a dull feeling spread in her heart.

“Grandma, am I not welcomed here? I was there to greet her but she just slammed the door.” Hearing the sound of Madame Gu walking up the stairs, Bai Yuyan quickly turned her head to look at Madame Gu with a sad and innocent look.

“Don’t care about this ill-bred woman. Grandma loves you.” Hearing Bai Yuyan’s words, Madame Gu held her in her hands.

“Alright. Grandma, take a rest first. I need to tidy up my stuff. I will show you the ring design tonight.”

“That’s great. I love everything that you design.”

Hearing the sounds fade, Ye Yuwei raised her head to look at the ceiling.