The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Far From Expectation

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Ye Yuwei touched her flat stomach gently. She would leave this place, she had to leave this place! She would not let her child be raised at a place like this.


Bai Yuyan was already at Gu Mansion keeping the old mistress company when Gu Juexi reached home from work, and from their room came sounds of laughter.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuwei was preparing dinner with the servants in the kitchen.

Gu Juexi went to the kitchen and dragged Ye Yuwei out from there. “What are you doing?”

Ye Yuwei stumbled as Gu Juexi dragged her and fell into his arms. When she was able to keep her feet again she looked up and saw Gu Juexi’s angry face.

“Can’t you see, Mr. Gu?” asked Ye Yuwei with an unfriendly tone.

“I am blind.”

As they talked, Bai Yuyan helped the old mistress down the stairs.

“You are back, Juexi?” Bai Yuyan smiled and said hi, but Gu Juexi ignored her completely and continued to look at Ye Yuwei.

The old mistress saw them standing there and was disgruntled. “What are you waiting for? Juexi is back, serve dinner.”

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and wanted to go to the kitchen when Gu Juexi pulled her back and stared at her.

Far from expectation—that was what Ye Yuwei saw in Gu Juexi’s eyes. But what did it mean?

Before she could ask, Gu Juexi looked at the old mistress and said unsparingly, “Do we not have servants in Gu Mansion? Or does Miss Bai think she is so privileged that my wife has to cook for her?”

Bai Yuyan could hardly maintain her smile after what Gu Juexi said.

“What do you mean? I asked her to help out in the kitchen. Can’t she help with the housework since she is not working?” said the old mistress while staring at her grandson.

“Grandma,” said Gu Juexi while looking into the old mistress’ eyes, “To be fair, have you worked or done any housework since you married into the Gu family?”

Ye Yuwei heard what Gu Juexi said and looked at him in surprise. His words were harsh, but he meant every single word. And Ye Yuwei noticed that the old mistress has begun to pant upon hearing what Gu Juexi said.

“Gu Juexi…” Ye Yuwei called out his name softly.

“You keep your mouth shut,” Gu Juexi roared at Ye Yuwei, “Useless.”

“Well. Very well, Gu Juexi,” said the old mistress as she picked up her walking stick and pointed at Gu Juexi shakily, “Has that whore swayed you to this? Why would you say something like that to your grandmother?”

Ye Yuwei did not look at the two of them quarreling. As a whore, all she wanted now was to leave this place.

Gu Juexi held Ye Yuwei’s hand throughout and looked at the old mistress who was so displeased. He did not mean to be rude to his grandmother, but he was pissed at how useless Ye Yuwei could be sometimes.

He was running out of time, but he could not leave Ye Yuwei being so sanctimonious.

“Juexi was just worried about Yuwei, Grandma. So please don’t take it to heart. I will see if dinner is ready. Let’s get ready to eat,” said Bai Yuyan who finally sounded like a guest.

The old mistress finally looked less ghastly after what Bai Yuyan said, but was still not quite happy about Ye Yuwei.

“Why are you still standing there?” Gu Juexi said to Ye Yuwei as he walked upstairs to change.

Ye Yuwei was speechless. ‘He’s really something.’

Gu Juexi was always the one who had the say—telling her to come out from the kitchen, and telling her to go back to the kitchen. And she could not be bothered to listen to their instructions or even to stay at this place if it weren’t that she was trying to avoid conflict.