The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 301

Chapter 301: He Wanted To Know How Far Could Ye Yuwei Go

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‘Is this guy crazy?’

Ye Yuwei thought as she walked to the kitchen, while Bai Yuyan felt complacent.

Bai Yuyan helped the old mistress to sit down at the dining table and told her that she would help out in the kitchen, which made the old mistress like her even more.

So there were three people including Ye Yuwei now helping out in the kitchen. All dishes besides the soup were ready.

Ye Yuwei was checking on the boiling soup when the servant left the kitchen to serve dinner. Bai Yuyan walked over in her heels and stood behind Ye Yuwei, and also looked at the boiling soup.

“Is this all you have to do to please someone, Yuwei?” Bai Yuyan chuckled as she asked, as if mocking the soup that Ye Yuwei made.

Ye Yuwei’s hand that was stirring the soup paused for a second but did not say anything.

“Then again, your ‘Mrs. Gu’ status would be so much more stable if the old mistress likes you. So I would have done the same,” Bai Yuyan continued to say with an even wider smile on her face.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath, put the lid on the pot, and turned to look at Bai Yuyan. “Are you not tired being two-faced?”

Bai Yuyan sneered and said, “Look at you talking as if you are so much different. Don’t you remember how you got to marry Gu Juexi? Do you think you could have caught Gu Juexi’s eye as an orphan? Ohh I forgot. You got his mother on your side, didn’t you? So we are not so different after all, are we?” Bai Yuyan looked at the soup ladle as she said, with cruelty in her eyes.

Ye Yuwei listened to the sarcasm and took a deep breath. “But I succeeded. While you don’t look like you are making much progress.”

“You are so shameless!” Bai Yuyan said angrily and stormed out of the kitchen.

Ye Yuwei finally knew how it feels like to be criticized by a pretentious hypocrite. She then turned off the stove and made the servants send the soup.

Gu Juexi came downstairs after he changed and saw Ye Yuwei coming out from the kitchen and taking off her apron.

He slowed down his pace and continued to lay his eyes on Ye Yuwei.

Bai Yuyan who was talking with the old mistress saw how Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei and quickly went to him. “You are here, Juexi. Dinner is ready. Yuwei is just as good!”

Ye Yuwei put the apron back on the hook and frowned at what Bai Yuyan said.

Gu Juexi who just came downstairs saw Ye Yuwei going upstairs and was disgruntled. “Where are you going? Come and have dinner.”

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi and then at the old mistress who had a face was as long as a fiddle, as if asking Gu Juexi if he really wanted her to join the dinner.

Gu Juexi pretended not to see her hesitation, held her hand and brought her to the dining table. And it made the old mistress’ face even gloomier.

Ye Yuwei wanted to leave but Gu Juexi held her hand tight under the table.

He wanted to know how far could Ye Yuwei go.

The old mistress kept picking on her, everything Ye Yuwei did was just not good enough for her.

Bai Yuyan kept comforting the old mistress.

Ye Yuwei kept looking at them indifferently.

Gu Juexi just sat there and enjoyed his dinner while looking at them as if watching a show, at the same time waiting to see how Ye Yuwei would retort.

But Ye Yuwei’s reaction was just disappointing. She buried her head in her dinner throughout and did not say a word at the old mistress’ scolding.