The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Cheng Jie Should Be Seeing You Really Soon

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Ye Yuwei did not retort. Deep down, she has already had nothing to do with this family, and these people were just strangers to her.

Yes, strangers.

But there were more to come, something that Ye Yuwei had not expected.

After dinner, the old mistress went upstairs with Bai Yuyan after scolding Ye Yuwei for having no manners.

Ye Yuwei leaned back on the chair and looked at Gu Juexi who was also looking at her.

“Where is your glib tongue, Ye Yuwei?” asked Gu Juexi sarcastically.

Ye Yuwei tilted her head slightly, refusing to admit that Gu Juexi’s sarcasm hurt a little.

“What should I waste my time and effort on some strangers?” Ye Yuwei asked.

Gu Juexi stood up from his seat suddenly, causing his chair to move to the back. His sudden action made the hall go back to pin drop silence.

‘Strangers, she said.’

His family was strangers to her now!

Gu Juexi stood in front of Ye Yuwei and said it word by word, “We. are. not. divorced.”

So his family was still her family.

Ye Yuwei maintained the smile on her face without even changing her posture. “Isn’t it just a matter of time, Mr. Gu?”

Gu Juexi was so mad that he began to laugh. “You should know that some people won’t let you go just because you decided to let go. You thought you would just stay out of this, but are you sure that others would think the same?” Gu Juexi stood up straight and asked.

“What do you mean?” Ye Yuwei frowned and asked, but Gu Juexi did not answer and went upstairs. And what he said made Ye Yuwei began to ponder.

In his room, Gu Juexi’s brows were brought together even closer.

Ye Yuwei stayed downstairs until ten before she went upstairs, and she went to the bathroom right after she entered their room.

The bathroom floor was covered with anti-slip mat, and that was something only Butler Kim was thoughtful enough to do.

Gu Juexi was sitting on the bed with his laptop on his lap, and he looked away only after Ye Yuwei went into the bathroom.

He reminded Butler Kim to put on the anti-slip mat, so it should be safe enough.

[Smile: Cheng Jie should be seeing you really soon.

Smile: But Bai Yuyan’s mother has never shown herself.

Smile: I really think you should check on the informant to know what happened exactly back then.

Smile: But I have a bad feeling… Cheng Jie has mentioned Ye Yuwei more than once.

Fox: …

Smile: It’s true.]

Gu Juexi looked at Yu Jiangqing’s messages and typed something on the keyboard, but then pressed on the “backspace” key and deleted everything.

[Smile: I don’t think a math genius would make Cheng Jie concerned. If he’s so confident about taking you down, who is Ye Yuwei to him?]

Gu Juexi’s stopped typing on the keyboard. Yu Jiangqing has pointed out something that he was trying hard not to admit.

[Smile: I sent so many messages and ellipsis were your reply? What does it even mean?

Fox: Ye Shu.

Smile: Why this guy again?

Fox: Nothing. I know what to do, I will take care of this. Keep an eye on Song Helian, he might go to Cheng Jie.

Smile: That reckless man.

Fox: Lu Qichuan has started to suspect. We could let him in if necessary.

Smile: I don’t mind if it’s Qichuan.

Fox: One more thing, you have served your purpose there so all you have to do now is to keep an eye on Song Helian.

Smile: What do you mean?

Fox: Literally what I said.]