The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 309

Chapter 309: She Lost Entirely

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The next second, Ye Yuwei looked at the old mistress directly in her eyes and said, “Who else here besides Gu Juexi that has the right to call you grandma?”

Ye Yuwei said it without being cheeky or humble, but what she said slapped Bai Yuyan who had been calling the old mistress “grandma” all this while hard in her face.

Bai Yuyan looked at Ye Yuwei surprisingly, not understanding how Ye Yuwei had changed just over the night.

“Well, very well!” the old mistress laughed and said. “Did you see, Gu Juexi? The good wife that your mother got you.”

“She is quite good indeed,” Gu Juexi pretended not to get the sarcasm and agreed with what the old mistress said.

Ye Yuwei lowered her eyes as she tried to hide her emotions.

She should not fall for him again, or she might very well be the next Yu Sha’er.

Just as Ye Yuwei thought to herself, Gu Juexi got up from his seat. He put one hand on the back of Ye Yuwei’s chair and kissed her on the forehead when she looked up.

“I look forward to your performance, Mrs. Gu,” Gu Juexi whispered into Ye Yuwei’s ear so softly that no one else heard it, and their interaction appeared to be warm and sweet to others.

Ye Yuwei looked at the man’s receding figure in disbelief.

He did it on purpose. This man did it on purpose!

“Yuwei and Juexi are really close!” Bai Yuyan faked a smile and said with jealousy in her voice.

‘What is so good about this woman? Why is Gu Juexi so protective of her?’

Ye Yuwei looked down again to hide her emotions. Gu Juexi had made it so clear that he was siding with her, and it was as if declaring war with Bai Yuyan and the old mistress.

This man really knew how to make use of other people to get rid of his enemies.

And she has already had her neck on the line and there was no way out for her.

Ye Yuwei hid the astonishment and taunt in her eyes and continued eating her breakfast. “Miss Bai will get used to it as you stay longer.”

Bai Yuyan’s face turned ghastly after hearing what Ye Yuwei said.

“There’s nothing to be proud of, Ye Yuwei,” the old mistress who was already quite mad screamed at Ye Yuwei in rage.

Ye Yuwei looked at the old mistress who was also looking ghastly. “What am I proud of, Grandma?” asked Ye Yuwei with a smile on her face.

Ye Yuwei said it very innocently, but there was sadness behind that innocence that no one could see.

The breakfast ended with Gu Juexi directing all the hate at Ye Yuwei then Ye Yuwei defending herself which drove both the old mistress and Bai Yuyan away.

Ye Yuwei ended up eating alone at the dining table. She lowered her head and ate quietly.

It looked like she won this time, but she knew that she had lost entirely.

She lost entirely in this battle which Gu Juexi used her to start.

“Young Mistress,” Butler Kim who came out from the kitchen called out pitifully.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and tried her best to hold in her tears. She looked at Butler Kim and gave him an assuring smile, which made Butler Kim feel even sorrier for her.

Auntie Mao who was the only person that could help the young mistress was still lying in the hospital, unconscious.

“Please prepare some food for the old mistress, Butler Kim. But don’t tell her that I told you to prepare it or she might refuse to eat,” said Ye Yuwei resignedly.

Butler Kim looked at Ye Yuwei getting up from her seat and blurted out, “Young Mistress, actually…”