The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Youre On A Whole New Level Now

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“Also,” Ye Yuwei cut Butler Kim as she left the dining table, “please don’t tell Mom about what happened here. She’s not in good health, don’t add on to her worries. I’m really fine.”

Butler Kim watched Ye Yuwei go upstairs and heaved a sigh.

He was not Auntie Mao, so there were many layers between him and Madame Gu. Therefore, for certain matters, he naturally could not tell Madame Gu about them.

He just hoped that Auntie Mao could wake up soon. At least there would be someone who would protect the young mistress.

As Ye Yuwei reached upstairs, Bai Yuyan was leaning against the railing while looking at her.

“Ye Yuwei, you’re more capable than I thought,” Bai Yuyan remarked sarcastically.

“I thought you would always remain a Virgin Mary.”

Ye Yuwei raised her head to look at Bai Yuyan with a fearless expression.

“Have you only noticed it today? This ‘Mrs. Gu’ position—even if I can’t have it, you can only dream about having it too. Because you’re not worthy.”

“Ye Yuwei, you—”

Bai Yuyan was so furious with Ye Yuwei that she took a deep breath.

“Why, you’re still in love with Gu Juexi? You even need to see whether his future wife is worthy of him?”

Bai Yuyan’s sarcastic reply stabbed Ye Yuwei’s heart.

“After all, she will be my son’s future stepmother. I wouldn’t want my own son to be involved with a woman like you.”

Ye Yuwei’s voice was not loud but calm instead. But within this calmness carried an ear-piercing sarcasm.

Bai Yuyan’s chest heaved.

“Ye Yuwei, after so many years, you’re on a whole new level now.”

“Well said,” Ye Yuwei replied, passed by her and entered her room.

Bai Yuyan screamed in anger and then turned around to return to the guest room. She took out her phone and agitatedly made a call amidst her defeat.

“I completely hate Ye Yuwei now. Why can’t we kill her already? Make her disappear from the face of this earth.”

“Kill Ye Yuwei? What rights do you have?”

On the other end of the line was a deep voice from a man.

“If she’s killed, you’re the first to be buried along with her. Don’t forget, you’re just a burial prop there.”

When Bai Yuyan heard this sentence from the other end of the line, her body started trembling. Even her face turned quite pale.

“Uncle, you promised that you would protect me.”

“But what was agreed was you don’t get yourself killed,” Cheng Jie spoke lightly at the other end of the line.

“Will she really kill me?” Bai Yuyan’s lips trembled in disbelief as she asked.

“After all these years of mother and daughter relationship, she—” as Bai Yuyan spoke, the person over the phone had already hung up.

Bai Yuyan plopped onto her bed. The hatred in her heart toward Ye Yuwei ferociously burned. Her hate for Yuwei was as strong as her hate for that woman.

Lu Qichuan arrived at the law firm in the morning and spotted Xiao Yaojing waiting outside.

He stepped out of the car and his briefcase to his assistant and then slowly walked over.

“Yaojing?” Lu Qichuan walked behind Xiao Yaojing’s and addressed her with an investigative manner. He then greeted her with a smile when Xiao Yaojing turned around. “Looking for me?”

Xiao Yaojing had something to say but was blinded by Lu Qichuan’s smile. This person somehow looked really good when he smiled.

However, Xiao Yaojing quickly recalled why she was there. She hurriedly said, “Yes, I’m here for something.”

Lu Qichuan raised his brow slightly.

“Want to talk inside?”

“No need, no need. Um, can you get in touch with Ye Zi? I’m a little worried about her.”

Xiao Yaojing quickly explained, “I called Wen Tao, but that womanizer Gu Juexi said she was resting. Can’t she even have a phone while resting in bed?”