The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 313

Chapter 313: The Severe One Is the Person In Charge of the Funding Project

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Not long after Yu Jiangqing left, a call came from Butler Kim to inform him that Lu Qichuan had brought Xiao Yaojing over for a visit.

Gu Juexi shot up from his seat and profanity burst from his lips. He then left the lounge.

Gu Mansion.

Butler Kim served them water. Ye Yuwei sat across them and was eager to say something. But when she saw Lu Qichuan shaking his head, Ye Yuwei understood that this matter was something already Lu Qichuan knew.

After all, Lu Qichuan was Gu Enterprise’s legal adviser. Of course he would have known about this matter.

“Yaojing told me that she’s worried about you so she asked me to accompany her to come visit you,” Lu Qichuan said as he smiled.

Ye Yuwei pursed her lips slightly. Before she could say anything, Xiao Yaojing’s angry nagging filled her ears.

“Are you freaking dead or have you turned into a pig? Just being pregnant could get you imprisoned. What about the divorce you talked about? JWhy can’t you just step up?” Xiao Yaojing was anxious for not hearing from Ye Yuwei these few days. Thus, she did not resist scolding Ye Yuwei as soon as she saw her.

Ye Yuwei calmly let Xiao Yaojing chide her.

Because in moments like these, getting berated was a blessing.

Of course, the intention behind this scolding was care.

After Xiao Yaojing had finished her piece of mind, Ye Yuwei pulled Xiao Yaojing over to sit beside her. Then, she proceeded to explain, “It was really because I’ve been feeling drowsy lately along with my morning sickness. You know it. I can’t win against Gu Juexi.”

If she just upped and left, what would happen to Xiao Yaojing?

It was not that she thought too much, but it was something she had to think about. This was not something she could just leave behind casually.

Nonchalantly leaving by herself, but leaving someone else in hot water because of her would be fair?

What kind of logic was this?

She—Ye Yuwei could not do it!

“My foot. You’re just scared. You’re intimidated, you’re a hopeless case,” Xiao Yaojing straightforwardly blurted.


What she said was the painful truth.

Lu Qichuan grinned as he watched the two across him.

He knew that Ye Yuwei was not powerless. If she wanted to leave, Boss would not be able to keep her from doing so at all.

But she would not since she could not leave Xiao Yaojing alone here to take on Gu Juexi’s fury.

After Xiao Yaojing was done with her scolding, she raised her head to look at her surroundings.

“Where’s your washroom?”

Ye Yuwei diligently pointed at the direction of the washroom for Xiao Yaojing.

After Xiao Yaojing got up and walked toward the washroom, Ye Yuwei finally dropped her smile.

“Why didn’t you let me speak? You’re encouraging antagonism.”

Lu Qichuan understood what she was referring to. He slightly curved his lips, then proceeded to explain, “Boss won’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t let Xiao Yaojing off.”

“What do you mean?”

Ye Yuwei turned pale after hearing about “death”.

“It is as you understand it.”

Lu Qichuan shrugged lightly.

“Also, Yuwei, even if you had told Xiao Yaojing, what about the evidence? Is the evidence still in your hands? The submitted accounting data were all accurate. What would you use to explain to them?”

Ye Yuwei was completely devastated because of those few questions from Lu Qichuan. She leaned back against the sofa. Her entire body seemed like it was out of strength.

“That also means, it’s impossible for me to sue Gu Juexi in court?”

Then, it was impossible for her to win.

If she could not win, how would she make Gu Juexi let her go willingly?

“Why must you bring him to court though? From another point of view, isn’t he a victim too?” Lu Qichuan explained with goodwill.

“Then he should have gone to turn himself in from the start. While the project funds are not in use, his crimes will not be considered particularly severe,” Ye Yuwei said quietly.

“The severe one would be the person in charge of the funding project,” Lu Qichuan said suddenly.