The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Good That You Know

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Ye Yuwei looked up abruptly in disbelief at Lu Qichuan.

Lu Qichuan leaned against his chair and smiled at her.

“The inflow of the fund was a transfer made by you project owners. If any problems arise, you all are the first people responsible.”

When Xiao Yaojing returned, Ye Yuwei’s face was slightly pale.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Yaojing curiously asked. She looked at Ye Yuwei then looked at Lu Qichuan.

Lu Qichuan put on a graceful smile and slightly shrugged his shoulders, implying that he did not know what was going on.

Xiao Yaojing naturally would not question Lu Qichuan. After all, one would not suspect someone they considered a lover. She would not think anything else of Lu Qichuan other than “good”.

“Brother Lu is here?” Bai Yuyan came downstairs and asked with a smile.

“Why is this White Lotus here?”

That was Xiao Yaojing’s first reaction when she saw Bai Yuyan and she naturally blurted it out with a question.

Bai Yuyan’s face slightly fell. She frowned and asked, “Yuwei, it this your friend? She really has no standards.”

Xiao Yaojing stood up, turned around and stared at Bai Yuyan.

“A White Lotus dare say others have no standards. Do you even know what ‘standards’ mean?”

Bai Yuyan heard what Xiao Yaojing said and sneered. She then said, “Does spouting loud words in somebody else’s home mean that you have standards?”

Xiao Yaojing pulled up her sleeves. She looked like she was about to fight.

Ye Yuwei got up immediately and stretched her hand to grab Xiao Yaojing’s arm. Just as Bai Yuyan felt content at the thought that Ye Yuwei wanted to stop the fight, she did not expect her to retort.

“Miss Bai, you do realize this is someone else’s home? Then might I ask, what are you doing here Miss Bai? Are you fantasizing that this is your home? Your previous fantasy had turned into reality. The news about your dream to become Mrs. Gu just started spreading around and it hasn’t even toned down yet. Why don’t you go around the house and take a good look, to ready yourself?”

Ye Yuwei’s tone was not loud, but every word was dripping with sarcasm.

Bai Yuyan called someone else an outsider, but she did not even examine herself and realize that she was very much an outsider herself.

Xiao Yaojing watched Ye Yuwei and chuckled. This child definitely had a bright future, yet she was still worried that Ye Yuwei might get bullied for naught.

Bai Yuyan’s expression changed. She glared hard at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei was unfazed. She stared back at Bai Yuyan.

“What are you doing?” Gu Juexi entered and broke the heated silence.

“Brother Gu.”

Bai Yuyan showed a glum expression and instantly became a little lamb.

Ye Yuwei naturally looked down and avoided Gu Juexi’s gaze.

“Mr. Gu, you really how to enjoy himself. Still looking at the menu while your food has already been served,” Xiao Yaojing sarcastically commented.

Gu Juexi took big steps into the room. He first glanced at Lu Qichuan, then looked at Ye Yuwei and Bai Yuyan.

“Brother Gu, does Mrs. Gu not welcome my stay here?” Bai Yuyan spoke like she was wronged, but behind her words carry the threat which only Gu Juexi understood.

“Good that you know.”

Gu Juexi would not fall for Bai Yuyan’s devises at all and crudely replied her.

Bai Yuyan’s face turned even paler. She did not expect Gu Juexi to not give her any face. Did he forget that her uncle possessed evidence that could destroy Ye Yuwei?

Xiao Yaojing also did not expect Gu Juexi to answer Bai Yuyan like that. Although she hated Gu Juexi’s guts, this sentence from him made her quite happy.

“Since Mrs. Gu doesn’t welcome me, then I’d better leave,” said Bai Yuyan. Her tears were about to fall.

“Butler Kim, kindly assist Miss Bai to pack her things and send them to Mr. Cheng’s place. Tell him that Miss Bai isn’t happy here, so she’s going home,” said Gu Juexi coldly.